Sept 20-Sept 24 ~ 11am-12noon MT

Ever feel like your time just isn’t really yours?
Like what you want only matters once he’s taken care of? 
Or that your choices are limited by what he decides? 

I hear you. You’re committed to being a good wife.
You’d love it if he were happy or relaxed or fulfilled.
And nothing you’re doing to help him out really seems to last…

So all you’ve got is TWO people who feel: 

  • stressed out
  • frustrated
  • lonely
  • annoyed 

If that sometimes sounds like your marriage, come on over and sit down with me. I know there’s room for both of you to get what you really want WITHOUT sacrificing your connection to each other.

Click below to come talk about how to make that happen for you.  

about your presenter

 Candice Toone is a former Marriage and Family Therapist turned Master Certified Life Coach.

She helps women stop wondering if they married the wrong guy and start trusting their choices again.

She mentors in The Life Coach School’s Self Coaching Scholars program, teaches Coach Certification and 
guides her own clients – lovingly referred to as her Bees – in her private coaching program, Defying Gravity.

Candice knows that every relationship in your life is a mirror of the relationship you have with yourself. 
Click below to join up with the Better with Boundaries Bootcamp and she’ll fast track you to create the exact relationships you always thought you’d have.

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