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Your Payment Options

You will participate in the exact same certification program and process regardless of which payment option you select.

Give a scholarship to someone else through rebalancing access. Pay the regular price through fair access. Receive a type of scholarship through supported access. It’s your choice.

Option 1

Rebalancing Access

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to rebalance systemic inequity by supporting access for others.

Option 2

Fair Access

For those with sufficient financial resources to invest in their coaching skill development at fair market value.

Option 3

Supported Access

For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access opportunities supplemented by this community.

Give your clients gifts like these...

“Now that I'm able to allow myself to be vulnerable with me, I'm not so quick to shut down. I let myself grieve as long as I need to. I am opening up to a new experience of life, one where I don't need to be so afraid of having my heart break or feeling like I need to protect myself all the time. There's nothing to run from. Wow.”
- Candice's Client -