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You had it once: the sweet sense of certainty that comes from knowing you two share something special...

…but lately, you feel more stuck than special. 

You watch yourself not bring up important decisions that need to made, like yesterday. 

You tiptoe around date night and force a smile with each new unpleasant surprise he brings your way. 

This workshop will teach you how to rekindle your romance in the small, consistent ways that’ll make the biggest difference.

This challenge is for you if...

You're ready for your marriage to feel fun again

You're secretly worried that it might be too late for to reclaim your connection

You're tired of letting things slide + equally tired of
fighting for change

I promise that change is possible.
I know that when it comes to the marriage you really want to have… 
you are CLOSER than you think. 

To see what I mean,
join us for the challenge

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About your coach

Candice Toone is a former Marriage and Family Therapist turned Master Certified Life Coach. She helps women stop wondering if they married the wrong guy and start creating the marriage they imagined when they said, “I do.”

She is also the...