I'll help you stop wondering if you married the wrong guy.

I'll help you stop wondering if you married the wrong guy.

Are you married to a good man with some wonderful qualities?
Have you got a pretty decent marriage overall?

And, do you sometimes worry that the disappointments of life together have a choke-hold on your happiness?

You knew marriage would be work… but not like this.

Maybe he doesn’t listen like he used to…?

Maybe you’re not sure he likes you all that much anymore…?

Or maybe you’re wondering whether you’ll survive an unpleasant surprise that’s come up along the way…?

Come sit next to me, friend.

Relationships are tough. You’re tougher.
I can tell.

And we can totally handle this.

My Defying Gravity coaching program is the committed wife’s road map for rewriting her fairy tale to create a personalized version of marital bliss.

I know that marriage can sometimes feel like a game of chicken with each spouse eyeing the other from across the table to see who will flinch and get up with the baby. I also know marriage is a lot more fun when you sit on the same side of the table looking out to conquer the world together.

That shift is simpler than it seems. Promise.

How does it work?

We’ll jump on a call together and spend time examining the current state of your marriage. You’ll describe the changes you’d like to see. I’ll share my perspective and some ideas on where you can go from here.

We’ll discuss continued one-one coaching and you’ll walk away from the call armed with at least one practical tip you can use in your life right away.

What comes next?

In the Defying Gravity program, you’ll learn fool-proof strategies to generate connection with your spouse. You’ll feel more love in your marriage and enjoy confidence in the choices you make to build the relationship of your dreams. You’ll program your brain to churn out security instead of resentment. And the best part: you’ll be well-equipped with a box of tools to maintain love and connection for the rest of your life.

What do I do right now?

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Still not sure?

I get it. You’re already busy. Every dollar is budgeted for as is. Even so, consider this: your marriage is one of the only things you carry with you every day. And the tone of your relationship sets the stage for everything else you experience in life.

How much time would you devote if you knew that the fighting in your marriage would transform into collaboration and the achievement of life-long goals?

How much value would you assign to a peaceful home, where loving parents set strong examples for their children?

You can have all of that.

All you’ve gotta do is say yes to you.

This is the perfect time for coaching.

Though most of us keep hoping it will, life rarely calms down. Your schedule isn’t likely to open up a miraculous slot for coaching to fill. While you wait to decide that your marriage is worth this investment, unhelpful habits are taking root in your relationship and being observed by your children.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Commit to yourself and the future of your family. A happy wife really is a happy life. For everyone. Including you.


"I'm now constantly seeing hope when it comes to my marriage instead of feeling depressed about it."

My marriage has changed significantly after being a part of this program because my thoughts have shifted so dramatically. I realized that it wasn't as scary as I thought to face the big emotions that I've been pushing down for so long. Letting them come up and really facing the deeply held fears I've had for a long time allowed me to release them so they don't have power over me any more.

I loved being coached one on one. I loved Candice's ability to take all the meandering thoughts I sent her way and help me see the results I've been creating. I sometimes have a difficult time seeing those things myself and Candice is an amazing coach who lovingly and kindly helped me see results that didn't always feel pleasant, but once I saw them I could choose something different.

I love how I'm now constantly seeing hope when it comes to my marriage instead of feeling depressed about it. I know those changes have come from changes in my thoughts and I couldn't have made those changes without Candice's help! She's a phenomenal coach and I feel so grateful to have been a part of this program.
Maile Christensen

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to gain a better perspective on what is going on inside my head."

I was worried the Defying Gravity program would be too hard for me, that I wouldn't be able to keep up with it. Everything was so much simpler than I thought possible, and super easy to follow through with.

Candice is such a wonderful person, her personality is very straight forward and kind. She makes the process of working through difficult things less scary and a little easier to manage.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to gain a better perspective on what is going on inside my head, and how I can choose to change that.
Caitlyn Rogers

"Every single person I know could benefit from working with Candice."

I thought the Defying Gravity program would be too much but it wasn’t. I enjoyed the thought work homework. I know so many women who live in resentment towards their husband. Constantly mad and blaming him for the circumstances of their lives. Every single person I know could benefit from working with Candice. I loved it.
Corrie Woods