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Transform your marriage. 
Rediscover the spark. 

It's time to stop wondering if you married the wrong guy.

You don’t need him to agree with your ideas or understand your preferences.

To start YOUR marital revolution, all you need to know is that YOU are the right gal and try on believing that YOU are all we need. 


If you’re ready to finally… 

~ reignite your passion for the life you’ve built together ~
~ establish effortless communication ~
~ reclaim a deep emotional connection with your forever guy ~

All you need is a simple, repeatable, step-by-step process
for connecting with your husband – now, forever and every day in between

The Defying Gravity Revolution gives you a solid foundation for creating the marriage you imagined when you said, "I do"

The Defying Gravity Revolution gives you a

 solid foundation for creating the marriage

you imagined when you said, “I do”

Even ifit’s been months since you’ve made it through a conflict-free conversation… 

Even ifyou’re worried that the unpleasant patterns you’ve created are here to stay…

Take it from Shannon...
who went from resentful to purposeful in just six short months.  

Take it from Shannon

who went from resentful to purposeful in just six short months.  

It's time for you to say goodbye to misunderstandings, conflicts and distance...

...and say hello to a thriving connection that'll be the example you WANT to set for your family.

You've probably seen the tips...

…about love languages and crucial conversations and emotion codes… you might have even tried those strategies yourself – because you’re committed to your marriage and you aren’t afraid of working hard to make it better. 


You’re not exactly sure that the work you’ve been doing is the work that WORKS

.And you’re not interested in blowing any more time or money on another marital “magic bullet” that ultimately misses the mark. 

Here's what I know:

“for better or worse” is NO. JOKE. 

It can even be sorta shocking to find out what “for better or worse” really means. 

Like when you clearly agreed on the “his” and “her” household jobs, but now he’s not picking up his end of the bargain…

Like when you find yourself waffling back and forth wondering when to clue him in on your next big idea (if you should even clue him in at all)…

Pretty soon, you’re updating him on an “as needed” basis while you wait for the other shoe to drop…

and when it does, it’s never the style of shoe you were expecting – which only makes the whole debacle even more unnerving…

…so you fire up Google to search the newest marriage cure or maybe you to take a break completely and stick your nose in some chick lit to remind yourself how your marriage could have been if he weren’t so…. so… fill in the blank.

Good news – I’ve developed a super simple process – and an entirely new way of thinking – that’ll get you and your husband into the habit of easy communication. The kind of communication that actually leads you to:

  • finalize long-stagnant decisions about landscaping the back yard
  • collaborate on your (previously terrifying) retirement strategy
  • actually enJOY each other – whether you’re home on your couch or out with your friends

A happy marriage is NOT a miracle.

A stronger, more loving marriage simply comes from

the potent combination of the right guidance (that's on me)

+ purposefully executed effort (that's on you).

In the Defying Gravity Revolution, we blend:

  • your carefully curated list of wants so you’ll always know exactly where to spend your energy each day 
  • my simple processes that you’ll learn once then rinse and repeat until each process becomes a healthy habit that feeds a marriage you love to live in
  • field-tested communication strategies and reflection techniques that’ll shine a light on exactly where things went south between you and your hubs during that last icky fight

… all taught by someone who actually knows what she’s talking about and has made it her life’s mission to help women create the stable homes and solid marriages they deserve (that’s me, by the way.)

We use the same processes that helped all these Bees make magic in their marriages:

Hear the BUZZ from REAL Bees

Josie Johnson

“Defying Gravity changed my marriage in a way I did not think was possible.”

Cassandra Kartchner

“If this can save my marriage, it doesn’t matter what it costs.”

Gloria Niemi

“Of course there’s nerves, but that’s not a reason to not join.”

Cheryl Nyman

“I wish I had known this 40 years ago.”

Heather Emms

“I saw a difference right away. I’m in the driver’s seat of my own life.”

Jen Jacobsen

“I believe in my own value now.”

Kayla Shoell

“I knew I had to do something different.”

Nikole Moon

“I went from feeling like I had no choices to knowing that I have any choice I want”

If you're ready to live in a marriage where:

You're sure you can count on him to have your back.


Because you’ve replaced any wondering about where his loyalties lie with stacked up experiences of when he clearly demonstrated that what matters to you, matters to him too.

You get to pick the restaurant AND the movie.


Because you’ve learned how to state your preferences – even if they sound unflattering or unkind at first – in a way that brings you closer together through honest, conflict-free expression of your wants and needs.

You know exactly how to support him - without squashing you.


Because you’ve perfected the art of giving in a way that honors your limits without damaging your relationship – and bonus – you’ve figured out how to accept his limits without feeling abandoned or insulted.

If you're ready to experience all of the above on the daily, then you're ready to join the Defying Gravity Revolution...

because you’ll get ALL of that


to ALL of this:

On-Demand Coaching

Send in your anonymous questions and get answers about your most sensitive issues.

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching

Connect directly to the DGR coaches to get personalized help with your stickiest concerns.

Private Member Podcast

Listen to ANY call replay at ANY time - completely on-the-go.

24/7 support in community

Ask questions, seek coaching or celebrate with the other Bees whenever you want to on our members-only message board.

Defying Gravity: The Course

Snag our signature, field-proven method to stop wondering if you married the wrong guy and start enJOYing the marriage you imagined when you said, "I do."

Monthly body-based healing

Try out breath work, sound baths, energy healing, tapping, somatic work and nervous system awareness to complement the work we’re already doing to detangle your thinking.

Member Only Events

Inspirational day-long workshops and transformational weekends.

Queen Bee Program

Unlock fabulous perks as your reward for showing up and getting what you came for.

"Joining the Defying Gravity Revolution has been one of the best decisions of my life. Soooo thankful to be in this group."

“Here’s what I learned: we each get to do what we want, sometimes we don’t decide the same thing and it doesn’t mean either of us are wrong – and SOMETIMES I will go first and it’ll open up possibility for him while sometimes it’s the other way around.

I feel peace, aligned, LIBERATED, certain and free. Mostly… I feel love for me. Wow. This would never have happened without this program!”

– Christina A.

Ready to FINALLY have the
marriage you imagined when you said, “I do"…?

Join us Bees in the Defying Gravity Revolution and get instant access to:

Twice Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls – valued at $2400 annually
On-Demand Message Board Coaching – valued at $228 annually
24/7 Community Support – valued at $597 annually
Defying Gravity: The Course – valued at $397
Monthly Body Based Healing Experiences – valued at $3000 annually
BONUS 1 – Private Podcast – valued at $300 annually
BONUS 2 – Members-Only Events – valued at $1297 annually
Bonus 3 – Queen Bee Program – valued at $999 annually
BONUS 4 – Immediate Access to All Program Upgrades – valued at $299 annually

Total Program Value: over $9500

JUST $2000 – about a quarter of the total program value

You’d burn that $2k up paying for weekly couples therapy in just under three months.
And that money would be gone whether things got better or not.

The Defying Gravity Revolution has your back for LIFE. 
If you don’t see the changes you want to be making – you’ll get your entire investment back.

12 payments of $197
(billed today + monthly for 11 months)


 1 payment of $2000
(save $364 – that’s essentially 2 months FREE)

How much is it costing you not to join?

  • How much money are you spending on communication books, sexy lingerie and date nights you don’t really enjoy?
  • How much time are you spending trying to figure out how to approach him about something that matters to you?
  • How much emotional energy are you spending worrying about what you’ll do if he shoots you down?
  • Do you spend precious summers and long weekends hoping you’ll finally make some memories together but never actually get something planned?
  • Or do you go on the trip with high hopes and end up having a lousy time?
  • Are there important life decisions you need to make about finances, parenting and plans for the future, but you feel terrible every time you try to start those chats?
  • Or maybe you’re just avoiding those subjects completely – which, almost always, comes back to bite you in the butt?

Strengthening your marriage doesn’t have to be scary...

…especially with The Defying Gravity Revolution risk-free guarantee.

Let’s make this SUPER simple:

You’re ready to enJOY a lifetime of connection in a marriage you love…

And you’re ready to do the work to make it happen.

As for me? Well, I’m here to make it as easy as humanly possible for you.

That’s why your investment in The Defying Gravity Revolution (DGR)
is protected by my 100% risk-free guarantee.

Take 12 months to work your way through the DGR program tools.
Restore a solid connection in your marriage.
Earn and maintain your Queen Bee status – cuz you deserve VIP treatment #obvi

If your marriage isn’t unrecognizeable in the BEST possible way at the end of that year,
I will refund 100% of your investment
AND YOU CAN KEEP any of the tools you really, really loved.

That’s how confident I am that
you’ll get what you came for and then
keep coming back for even more than you imagine.

“Okay… I am just now listening to the Sweet as Honey celebration call replay, which reminded me to go back to that list of 25 things I really, really want – the one we all write when we start out in the DGR program and I realized…

I’ve ALREADY checked four of them off! Go me!”

~ Eliza J.

The Defying Gravity Revolution is NOT for everyone and there are some women who SHOULD NOT invest in this program.

Please DON’T enroll in DGR if any of these MUST-HAVE agreements set your skin to crawling: 

You’ve gotta want something and be willing to GO FOR IT


If you really believe that your marriage is as good as it could possibly ever be and it confuses you to think about wanting anything more than you’ve already got – this space probably doesn’t make sense for you. Spend your time and money on celebrating your picture perfect marital bliss instead.  

I’m not saying you have to be miserable to join us in DGR. That’s not it at all.

I’m just saying that you have to see something more that you really, really want in your life. And keep in mind, you can absolutely want for more while still appreciating everything you have.

If that’s you – loving what you have while looking to expand and grow – you’ll be a match made in Heaven for us Bees.   

You’ve gotta be ready to work


While I’ll make it as easy and straightforward for you as possible, if you can’t imagine yourself listening in to a call reply or if you recoil at the thought of posting your question in our DGR community… this might not be the room for you.

I have not yet perfected the art of reading minds and until I do… well… it’s gonna be tough for me to get you what you need if you ghost us Bees along the way.

You can ABSOLUTELY show up on the sidelines and engage from the shadows – it’s just if you aren’t interested in showing up to the party, you’re not gonna have much fun.  

You’ve gotta accept that your husband might not always take the lead


I know it might seem unfair for you to be doing all the work while he goes on being him.

I get it if you want him to share the load… AND I promise you that you can create everything you want in your marriage whether he helps out or not.

Would it be easier if he went first and handed you exactly what you want on a silver platter? Of course it would. And… if he doesn’t… that’s no biggie. For real. 

I know it might seem like doing all of the work is a favor to HIM – and honestly it is. He gets to be married to a competent, self-assured, wildly creative and resourceful woman. LUCKY. HIM.

And – luckier you – because you get to BE a competent, self-assured, wildly creative and resourceful woman.

You’re about to live happily ever after on your own terms and you’re going to help him see how he genuinely wants to be a contributing part of the unstoppable team that YOU know you two can be.


If you like what we are doing here and you WANT my help… well, then…
I refuse to leave you feeling even a drop of powerlessness in your marriage.

Especially since we both know that you’ve got so much goodness going on –
in you, in him and in the two of you together.

Joining the Defying Gravity Revolution will help you restore trust and security
between you and your forever guy.  

Let’s find possibility where only pain existed before.

Choose courage, Bee. And Let’s. Fly.

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