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I'll help you stop wondering if you married the wrong guy.

I'll help you stop wondering if you married the wrong guy.

Are you married to a good man with
some wonderful qualities?

Are you married to a good man with some wonderful qualities?

Have you got a pretty decent marriage overall? 

And, do you sometimes worry that your husband’s choices have a choke-hold on your happiness?

You knew marriage would be work… but not like this. Maybe he doesn’t listen like he used to. Maybe you’re not sure if he even likes you all that much anymore. Or maybe you’re wondering whether you’ll survive yet another mood swing, spending binge or lonely night wondering if he’s even coming home at all.

Come sit next to me, Bee.
Relationships are tough. You’re tougher. I can tell.
And we can totally handle this.

The Defying Gravity Revolution is the committed wife’s road map for claiming the marriage she thought she’d have when she said “I do”.

You’ll reprogram your brain to churn out security and peace instead of resentment and fear. You’ll learn fool-proof strategies to create confidence in collaborating with your husband.

And the best part: you’ll be well-equipped with a box of tools to maintain love and connection for the rest of your life.

Check out the buzz these Bees are making as they do the impossible in the

Defying Gravity Revolution.

Still not sure?

I get it. You’re already busy. Every dollar is budgeted for as is. Even so, consider this: your marriage is one of the only things you carry with you every day. And the tone of your relationship sets the stage for everything else you experience in life.

How much time would you devote if you knew that the fighting in your marriage would transform into cherished memories of care-free family vacations? Or into bonding as you work together to resand the deck and diversify your investment portfolio?

How much value would you assign to a peaceful home, where loving parents set strong examples for their children?

You can have all of that.

All you’ve gotta do is say yes to you.

This is the perfect time to Defy Gravity.

Though most of us keep hoping it will, life rarely calms down. Your schedule isn’t likely to open up a miraculous slot for work on your marriage to fill. While you wait to decide that your marriage is worth this investment, unhelpful habits are taking root in your relationship and being observed by your children.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Commit to yourself and the future of your family. A happy wife really is a happy life. For everyone. Especially you.

The Defying Gravity Revolution
will open Fall 2023

What you’ll get when you join the
Defying Gravity Revolution

Your one time investment gets you LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of this:

On-Demand coaching

Write in anonymously for support with your most sensitive issues.

Weekly LIVE group coaching

Connect with Candice and her Bees + get ALL your questions answered.

Private Member Podcast

Write in anonymously for support with your most sensitive issues.

24/7 support in community

Ask questions, get coaching, cheer each other on and share your wins through our members-only message board.

Defying Gravity: The Course

Learn Candice’s proven method to stop wondering if you married the wrong guy and start spending all that energy checking everything off your bucket list.

Monthly body-based healing

Try out breath work, sound baths, energy healing, tapping, somatic parts work and nervous system awareness training to complement the work we’re already doing to detangle your thinking. Best of BOTH worlds.

Member Only Events

Inspirational day-long workshops and transformational weekends.

Queen Bee Program

Unlock fabulous perks as your reward for showing up and getting what you came for.

Client Testimonials

Josie Johnson

“Defying Gravity changed my marriage in a way I did not think was possible.”

Cassandra Kartchner

“If this can save my marriage, it doesn’t matter what it costs.”

Gloria Niemi

“Of course there’s nerves, but that’s not a reason to not join.”

Cheryl Nyman

“I wish I had known this 40 years ago.”

Shannon Hawkins

“I saw a difference right away. I’m in the driver’s seat of my own life.”

Jen Jacobsen

“I believe in my own value now.”

Kayla Shoell

“I knew I had to do something different.”

Nikole Moon

“I went from feeling like I had no choices to knowing that I have any choice I want”

Heather Emms

“Defying Gravity actually gave me something to DO.”

How much is it costing you not to join?

How much are you spending on communication books, sexy lingerie and date nights you don’t really enjoy?

How much time are you spending trying to figure out how to approach him about something that matters to you and how much emotional energy are you spending worrying about what you’ll do if he shoots you down?

Do you spend precious summers and long weekends hoping you’ll finally make some memories together but never actually get something planned? Or do you go on the trip with high hopes and end up having a lousy time?

Are there important life decisions you need to make about finances, parenting or plans for the future, but you feel terrible every time you try to have those discussions? Or maybe you’re just avoiding those talks completely?

Let me help you end the
“will we, won’t we” cycle.

You don’t have to deal with the hidden costs of time wasted fighting when you could be checking things off your project list.
You deserve better than to pay the emotional taxes of wondering where your relationship stands when you could be enjoying each other’s company.

It’s possible to adore your marriage.
It’s within your reach for to love you AND him at the same time.

I’m ready to help you make all of that happen – and more.
Because when your marriage is fun and you love you both – there’s no limit to what’s next for you.

Choose courage, now fly!

The Defying Gravity Revolution will open Fall 2023