BONUS EPISODE – Invite to the How judging your husband will heal your marriage workshop

I know it might seem like judging your husband is a TERRIBLE way to find connection, but it’s not. Judging your husband on purpose using my simple, repeatable 5 step process will get you more connection in your marriage than you ever thought possible.

What if I’m right about that? 

Might as well listen in on this week’s episode so you can get all the details for how to register for my free workshop: how judging your husband will heal your marriage. 

All you’ve got to lose is irritation and loneliness – and you’re probably willing to let those feelings go, right? 

Click the link below to register and I’ll see you at the workshop.  

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Episode Transcript

Have you ever had that moment when you are SUPER BUGGED by something your husband did or didn’t do and your instinct pulls you to give him a not-so-friendly piece of your mind?

But then you don’t because you remember that you’re supposed to be nice and kind and unconditionally loving?

So you talk yourself down and go to work figuring out how to deal with whatever it was even though you’d really rather not have that behavior as part of your marriage?

I figured you probably relate – which is why I’m doing this bonus episode today.

Because talking yourself down is a useful skill to have – sometimes it’s the right one to use.

But NOT always.

Come with me for a second to imagine what it might be like to follow through on speaking up when you’re bugged.

And I know – you might be thinking… but that’ll just cause a fight and I’m trying to get along with my guy.

The only reason you speaking up might cause a fight is if you skip some of the steps I’m going to be sharing in my upcoming workshop: How judging your husband will heal your marriage.

Because if you don’t bite your tongue in that moment…

If you learn how to share your opinions and preferences in a collaborative, relationship-serving way…

It’s going to change your entire marriage.

When you can honor your irritation without reacting to that feeling in a way you don’t like, what will happen is that you will learn that the things your husband does or doesn’t do are not emergencies.

You’ll also learn that just because his behaviors aren’t emergencies, that doesn’t mean they aren’t important to address.

The only reason you feel intense irritation is that your brain is telling you that his behaviors ARE an emergency – probably because you view what he’s doing as limiting your choices in some way OR you view what he’s doing as creating high stakes for you or your family that you’d rather not deal with.

In my free workshop, I’m gonna teach you how to see your choices and find emotional safety – no matter what he’s doing.

I’m going to teach you how to believe that his behaviors don’t have to create a lack of safety or a loss of love.

Then, I’m going to teach you how to judge your husband ON PURPOSE in a way that’ll bring your closer together. In a way that’ll make it easier for him to connect with you because you are standing strong in who you are.

You’ll be able to deliver your judgment in a way he can hear and from there – you two will have an easier time collaborating effectively to build the life you love to live in.

That’ll happen because – when you incorporate purposeful, loving judgment into your day-day, you two are going to be able to communicate better – ever so slightly, more effectively – because neither of you is feeling attacked anymore.

You’ll be able to talk about how each of you are feeling from a place of cooler, calmer emotions which makes it easier to hear each other more – which will impact your daily life in lots of subtle ways.

And when you see those subtle signs, you’re gonna get hope that your marriage can be what you imagined on the day you walked down the aisle.

If you want that kind of open communication to become an easy habit in your marriage, you’ve gotta register for my free workshop: How judging your husband will heal your marriage. Go to to register.

I will send a replay out to all registrants if you can’t attend live, but you HAVE to register to get that recording.

Snag your seat. We’re gonna be going live on Oct 18, which is a Wednesday, @ 9:30a MT.

Snag your seat and let’s get you enJOYing the marriage you imagined when you said, “I do”.

Choose courage, Bees! And Keep. On. Flying.

Are you ready to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”?

Click below to get the FREE course: How to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”. You’re worth it and you’re welcome.

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