Episode 54 – Energy Awareness with Maren Rasmussen

Do you know how to listen to the wisdom of your body? The wisdom that doesn’t quite come through words alone? 

Listen in this week to hear my interview with Energy Awareness expert, Maren Rasmussen. She’ll explain how your energy impacts your daily sense of freedom as well as your overall experience of life and marriage.  

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Episode Transcript

‘s Up, Bees?!

My life’s work is helping create connection.

Between husbands and wives.

Between wives and themselves.

Between bodies and brains.

Between women and the lives they really, truly enJOY living.

That’s our gig 24/7 in the Defying Gravity Revolution – my paid coaching program.

We get the work done through twice weekly live coaching calls.

Through an always available Ask A Coach message board.

Through on demand workshops and available to play on repeat foundational lessons.

Through a private podcast where you can listen and heal and learn on the go.


Through monthly body-based healing experiences.

Body-based healing??? You might ask… how does that work???

And over Zoom???

Tell me more…

Good news, that’s exactly what I’m here to do today – with the help of one of the body-based healers who visits the Defying Gravity Revolution on the regular.

Because I know how important it is for ALL of us to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, I’ve invited 6 of my very talented friends to come share their skills with the DGR Bees.

My friends are experts in work that I don’t do – they focus on the body and mining the wisdom that comes from sources OTHER than the cognitive mind.

It’s pretty cool stuff and a blessing for all of the women in the Defying Gravity Revolution to have such easy access to 6 different body-based healing modalities all in ONE place.  

Today, you’re going to hear me interview Maren Rasmussen, a gifted energy worker I met at a conference in Spokane, WA about 5 years ago. She really is a magician. I’ve experienced the relief her work brings first hand and I’m excited to introduce her to you.

Enjoy getting to know Maren Rasmussen.

Candice: ‘s Up, Bees?!

Welcome to the podcast. We are talking to Maren Rasmussen today. She is one of the body based healers that comes into the Defying Gravity Revolution and does all the good things that I don’t know how to do that she brings as an augmentation to what we’re already doing with our coaching stuff.

So Maren, do you want to introduce yourself?

Maren: Yeah. I’m Marin Rasmussen. I’m a mother of four. I have two stepkids that are 20 and 17. And then two of my own that are, let’s see almost a year old and two years old. They’re about 17 months apart.

Candice: Busy lady.  

Maren: So busy mom over here, but also doing energy work, which we’ll discuss and life coaching. I’ve gone to the Life Coach School. And I just love all the things. I – right now. I’m so busy being a mom, that I don’t have much time…

Candice: A two year old and a one year old. Yeah, you are.

Maren: I’m figuring that out. But I do love like yoga, rock climbing… uh, being outside. So I look forward… I’m looking forward to spring and the summer when it’s a little bit nicer outside that we can go. So it’s yeah, that’s a little bit about me. I’m from St. George, Utah. I’ve been up here in Lehi, Utah… uh… about northern Utah for about 20 years.

Candice: Ok. Yeah. And Maren and I are sort of neighbors. She lives in Lehi. I live in Herriman. That’s like 20 minutes apart. And so we’re just right on the cusp of like, is it gonna be spring? My kids want to set up our trampoline today. And I’m like, uuhhhh… I don’t know… we don’t want to tempt the snow that way.

Maren: Yeah

Candice: But yeah, I’m with you. I love being outside. And it’s fun that we live close to each other. But we didn’t know that we lived close to each other. We actually met in… where was it? Spokane?

Maren: Yeah, Spokane, Washington.

Candice: Because we both were followers of Jody Moore. We both followed her work. And we both went to her event… I don’t think she does it anymore – it was called Be Bold Masters… it was like a deep dive into coaching work. It was right after I got certified as a coach. And I think before Maren got certified, we were kind of like in that middle transition. And we went to – we were there in the same place. It was like 50 of us just doing all the coaching stuff. And I remember when Maren was telling me about what she does, I was like, “Okay, what is this weird thing that you’re talking about?” And I think probably I had like a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth, cuz my mother-in-law is also into kind of like all that energy stuff, but kind of in, like a not friendly way. Like she would say stuff to me and my husband, like “you guys aren’t supposed to be together” and so I was kind of like, “I don’t want any energy person coming into my life.” But Maren was so sweet and kind that I was like, “I want to like, hear about this a little bit more.” And so I kind of eased my way into it. But do you have anything else to add to that story?

Maren: Yeah, I remember meeting you. I remember being intimidated by you, because you were already like a certified life coach.

Candice: (laughing) Oh my goodness. Whatever that means.

Maren: But no… you were so open and willing to ask me questions about energy work. I know a lot of people that have had a little bit of bad taste in their mouth with energy stuff, or people that push it too much. And so yeah, I just love it as a tool. I have very specific rules for myself to keep myself in the light and keep myself in line where I think I should be. And so I definitely think there’s a fine line there that can be crossed. So I hear you, I understand. I can understand the weirdness.

Candice: I lov…e I love your style, though. Because you’re like just so inviting. And you’re like “we can and we don’t have to” and like whatever feels good… it’s very much co-created in the way that you do it. And I think it’s so beautiful. And I want to say that I had you up – I host a trauma informed program for coaches and I had her up to our retreat. And it was like fascinating to watch her do it to other people like do the clearing work, or the awareness work, because you can kind of see… at least I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this before. But like I could kind of… I felt like I could kind of see in your brain where you were like… You were with us for sure, but you were like seeing stuff that I’m like “that’s not there.” But kind of like you know, in like science fiction movies where they’re like, doing it… you can’t see me on the podcast, but I’m like moving my hands kind of like moving stuff around in the realm and I’m like… it’s a serious gift you have like, I’m a believer now.

Maren: Yeah, it’s super fun. Whenever I work on people I’m like, “just so you know, I see the energy kind of above you.” I see it in my mind’s eye kind of like you’re daydreaming a little bit.” And so I always look above the person because otherwise if I look at their face, I kind of get distracted by their reactions.

Candice: Sure. Sure.

Maren: So I totally am. I’m kind of in my own world as I’m like working on people. But it’s, it’s so fun. And I love it because as soon as I start seeing something, it doesn’t totally unfold to me until I start talking about it. And like kind of moving the energy and then it just like unfolds the story in front of me. So yeah, it’s… it’s fun to do.

Candice: It’s so fascinating to watch and I’m just so honored to be a part of it. So tell us how it works like just basically and then also how you got into it.

Maren: yeah… so 12-15 years ago, I had fibromyalgia, which is an autoimmune disease. And I also had anxiety and depression. So I was on medicine for that. And then I went to the doctor, and they’re like, “Yeah, this is… we don’t really know what this is…  but you need to take medicine the rest of your life.” And I just didn’t want to get on one more pill. And so I was kind of at my wit’s end, willing to try anything.

Candice: mmm-hmmm

Maren: So I wentt there with you, I was like, “this is a little strange.” But my coworker, her neighbor did something called an NAET, which is an Allergy Elimination Technique. So I went to her neighbor. And within four weeks, my fibromyalgia was gone.

Candice: Wow.

Maren: And she just talked about how it was all energetically related and emotional trauma that she was able to release. And so that was my first introduction to energy work. And then I was just fascinated by it, and then started learning how to muscle test. And then from there, I started working on my family. So it’s just been this like, really slow evolution. Until now the last like five plus years, I’ve been working a lot on different people, people I’ve never met before. And it’s been so I just love it. It’s so fun. I feel like even now, I’ve been working on people more extensively, and more often. And I’m getting to like the cellular level of things. And it’s really challenging to work on, because I’m working on them so often. But it’s also amazing, because I feel like we’re really getting down to some really deep layers.

Candice: Wow.

Maren: So essentially how it works… I don’t even know… I’m like, “How do I even explain this?” But ultimately, I believe I have a gift.

Candice: I believe it too – about you.

Maren: And I always tell people that are interested like in energy, I always tell people and I know a lot of people say this – in the life coaching industry as wel – but if you have desires, or you’re really interested in something, you probably have a gift in that area. And I feel like with energy work, it really just started like years ago, I was so curious, I would like it’d be so cool to read people’s thoughts, and just connect with them. And then I was very interested in connecting with people that had passed on. And you know, I had an uncle and a grandma, some people that were a little bit closer to me that passed on. And so I think through all of that, I just started opening my eyes. And then I had four or five mentors that really helped me discover my own gift. And really, you just have to do it

Candice: Yeah

Maren: and just try it and experience it and trust that what you’re seeing, that your gift is a good gift and go from there.

Candice: That’s why I wanted to include you in this program that we’re doing is to give people like a very, like, what’s the word? Um… Like there’s not very many stakes if you just come try it in a program that we’re also doing a lot of other things because it really resonates for some people and some of my clients have hired you to go and see their families or like ongoing personal work. And so I think… that’s why I invited people to come and bring their gifts to the Defying Gravity Revolution. Because I want people… the clients that come to me to be able to explore other things in a really safe really like… I’ve already vetted Maren, I know she’s not a con artist I know like she’s like takes this very sacredly. And so I just, I’m happy to partner with someone that I just really believe in their work so much so that we can see what it can do for other people. And what I like is like, you don’t actually have to do anything as the client, you just kind of have to sit there and give Maren permission to read your energy. And it’s kind of a relaxing experience, because you can’t really do it right or wrong. Like Maren is doing all the stuff and you just get a lot of a lot of awareness from it.

Maren: I do love that with energy work its something you can kind of sit back a little bit. I do email sessions. And so after the session, you can kind of read through it or if I work on you in person, we can have a little bit of a dialogue. But really, you can’t do it wrong, you just show up. And then after it’s really up to you if you want to do more of the work that’s where I feel like thought work comes in and mindset work to really change beliefs so that the energy doesn’t keep coming back to certain areas and getting stuck.

Candice: Yeah, because you kind of shift what you’re available for and energy I think respects that, right?

Maren: Yeah.

Candice: And so when you do the thought work that’s my specialty (and Maren knows how to do it as well) but when you change your thoughts, the energy that Maren clears for you comes back in in a more useful, well organized way and so that’s why it’s such a beautiful partnership to them both.

Maren: Yes. And that’s why I love… I’m like, “Oh my gosh, you should have a coach like Candice…” and that can help you, you know, we see these certain areas where there’s maybe a certain phrase or belief is coming up over and over in your session. Hey, go home and work on this. Because then you can really make some really, really big shifts.

Candice: Yeah, because you can just direct your energy on purpose and in a fun way. And she said that she’s done email sessions, I’ve done lots of different ways with her. I’ve done Zoom, I’ve done in person, I’ve done email sessions, because I just, I want to experience it all. And I remember the email session we did… I actually did one over Instagram just recently, so there’s lots of ways to do it. And because it’s focused on energy, you really don’t have to be in the same place at the same time. That is something I definitely believe. I remember I was in the shower, and I got the email – I must have – while I was in the shower, because I was in the shower and then I was like, “I feel different.” And then I came out and I read your email. And I was like, “Oh, interesting.” So it just, there’s so many ways that we can do this… on the level of comfort, depending on what the client is comfortable with. There’s lots of ways to meet them where they are, which I love.

Maren: Yes, yeah, I’ve had a lot of people actually say that, like, they’ll come back to me – “What time were you working on me?”

Candice: mmm hmmm

Maren: Because I think they feel something… and not everyone does… but some people definitely like might feel a shift. And it’s like, “Oh my gosh, that’s when you were doing the energy work.” So it’s awesome to know… energy’s not physical. So because I have a gift to tap into it, as soon as I have permission, I can see what’s going on at anytime.

Candice: It’s so fun. So, in The Defying Gravity Revolution, one of our main things that we want to do is to help people find more freedom in their lives and more space for themselves to exist and be as they are. And I’m wondering if you can speak to how energy work helps with that.

Maren: Yeah, energy work, I just, I call energy awareness. And so I really like to look at an individual and kind of see what’s getting stuck, help release that. But then there’s also like, generational aspects and other people that come into our lives that may cause some stuck energy or kind of walls that get built up. And just being able to kind of free the client from that so that they can also, you know, step into that place that you’re trying to create that’s like freedom for self. And like being able to look at yourself individually and not carrying other people’s stuff. I truly believe that just like our physical looks get passed down to us, so do beliefs.

Candice: Oh, interesting.

Maren: Sometimes we like carry on… like, if there’s something that’s really stuck in your system, and you’re like, I’ve worked on this over and over and over. A lot of times, I think it’s because a big chunk of it isn’t yours. It’s like one of your ancestors that you kind of just took that belief on. And so being able to separate all that out so it can just be you is really powerful and helpful in being able to do the thought work.

Candice: I love… I’ve had experiences where you have said there’s like a tie of some sort between me and one of my ancestors. And sometimes it’s like, light and loving, and we leave it and don’t do anything about it. And other times, it’s like, kind of dark and like… not as great. And the interesting thing is, like when you clear that, both sides feel better. So it’s not like we’re clearing and then sending our ancestor off to like, be alone in their doom. It’s like “Oh, actually, that tie is making both of us suffer.” And so it’s… it’s a beautiful way to clear not only freedom for ourselves, but freedom for other people who are kind of getting stuck and it’s nice…

Maren: Totally. And like… for your kids too. So when you work on something that’s generational, it’s gonna clear for your ancestors and for your children. Now, if you’ve created beliefs around that, or your kids have, now they just have to work on their own stuff rather than also the ancestral stuff too.

Candice: Which is just easier to work on one person’s stuff instead of 10 people’s things all at once.

Maren: And we can only heal when we have all of our stuff with us – like the awareness – and so that’s why I think giving that back to the ancestors as well or whoever it is that you may be taking it on from is a blessing and a gift because it allows them to like hold on to that awareness and then hopefully they can heal from it as well.

Candice: Yeah, because they’re like missing a puzzle piece almost and you’re like, “Oh here it is. I found it!”

Maren: It’s so true. I love that analogy. Yes, very much so.

Candice: And I love that because we are all about finding options. We all are all about finding like room for us to be and energy work clears like any sorts of like barriers or like confinements – which is why I love having you come visit us. So tell me what you’ve enjoyed most about coming and visiting us in the in the Defying Gravity hive.

Maren: First and foremost,t the people and just the environment – like it’s so open. Everyone that I’ve worked on has been very willing to like show themselves and… When I work on someone only what they’re comfortable with me see will come up so it’s not like you have to be scared of like dark secrets like for me to see everything. But most of the people I have worked on in your group have just been so open and like willing, they just want to improve. And you can see that and it just… the energy clears so much easier when someone’s willing and like coming forth like, “Hey, can you please help me with this” and they’re willing to see themselves and let it go. So… I love the environment there and the people like, and you of course.

Candice: Of course. Of course. And it’s been my mission and the Bees that are in the Defying Gravity Revolution come along, and really support like, there’s no shame here. There’s like… We only love you. And we, when we hear somebody say something sad or painful, like we just are like, ahhhh… I love that person. It endears us to each other more, which I think makes us be brave enough to share the things that really would help us move, if that’s what we want to do. So thank you for noticing that. I’m glad it’s working because that was the design.

Maren: Such a good group.

Candice: Thank you. Thank you. Do you have any cool or interesting anecdotes from your work? Of course, keeping client details private that would just be fun for people to know about?

Maren: Yeah – and more like broad there’s a few things that I’ve recently posted on my Instagram… I do a “Fun Fact Friday” that I just talk about things that I’ve seen in people. This has come up a handful of times with clients where an ancestor was starving or in a famine, like generations ago. And you know, someone might – now my client that I’m working on might be like – I’m having a really hard time losing weight, or I’m always hungry. And it’s somehow that starvation energy has just come through…

Candice: Cuz it’s such a threatening energy, starvation is…

Maren: Yeah. Yeah. It’s like very fearful…  so clearing that has been awesome to watch.

Candice:  And then the person, the client was like, a little bit less hungry? Is that what you are saying? Like they are able to release…

Maren: Yeah.

Candice: Wow! That’s amazing.

Maren: Like they are able to into be more in tune with their own stomach. It’s almost like they have their ancestors stomach…

Candice: Like two stomachs…

Maren: Yeah. Now, once again, whatever beliefs like someone has created around that they have to work on themselves. But now that we’ve released like the generational stuff, then it should be easier for them to focus on themselves.

Candice: It’s easier to wiggle those.

Maren: Yeah. A few other ones, I always think it’s interesting when someone’s having a hard time sleeping. And sometimes I’ve seen them like stuck in a different country, or like, a different time zone energetically, and being able to like shift that has helped. And then just trauma in general. You know, their sexual trauma, abuse, other things, but then there’s just maybe little trauma, like maybe you got lost when you were little,

Candice: It’s stays with you…

Maren: But just simply being able to acknowledge that has helped a lot. So there’s been a lot of interesting stories and things. But those, those were the few that I thought of.

Candice: I love it. And, of course, of course, you are you keep all of the details very sacred. And we do in our group as well. But it’s just fascinating to see how like, without work like this, you can’t, you’re always going to be up against that energetic block, which is just, it’s a miracle and so awesome that we have someone like you to help us do work that we couldn’t really do on our own.

Maren: And I do, like, I feel like energy work can help everyone and then I feel like there’s tools in so many ways to help shift this and so… maybe energy work is not for you. And not the way you want to do it. But I feel like there’s tools to help us release all of this in some way or another. Energy work is just an – I think an awesome way to really dig into it and especially when I can see it specifically and help clear those things.

Candice: Yeah. And it’s fun like you can when she’s like she’s clearing it like kind of like you’re wiping a mirror or something like and now you can see better or I cleaned your glasses. It’s so fun.

Maren: New lenses on your eyes.

Candice: Yes, Yes.

Maren: Sometimes new ears or whatever you need to help clean up what how you’re thinking and viewing life.

Candice: Or even just like, oh, you need to turn a quarter turn to the left and now everything looks different.

Maren: Yes. Yeah, it’s so true.

Candice: That’s so good. So anything else that you want all of us listening to know.

Maren: I just love energy work. Come see me. I love it. There’s so many aspects that I love. One aspect right now that I’m really enjoying is working on children as well. Anyone under 18 I just need the parents’ permission and sometimes just being able to tap into a youth or child that the parent can’t really connect with I can see it a little bit or enough to help shift things around and help that that parent to be able to also see differently…

Candice: That is amazing.

Maren: I just had a friend reach out to me about her… it’s a silly one… but her boy plays baseball and he just continually like, he’s so good in practice, but then when he like gets in the game…

Candice: Gets psyched out.

Maren: …and like, all bases are loaded – he just chokes every time. And so her and I were talking through that, and I was able to look in energetically and give her some advice on how to help him. So oh, it’s awesome.

Candice: That’s amazing. And my son’s just starting baseball season, so that’s good for me to know.

Maren: Keep that in mind. Reach out to me if you need a little help.

Candice: I love it. So fun. So tell us how if all the listeners can connect to you.

Maren: Yes. So I have an Instagram which is Living Awake with Marin.

Candice: And I’ll put all of it in the show notes. But I’m just telling I’m letting her say it out loud to you.

Maren: Yes. Or you can livingawakewithmaren@gmail.com. Either way, you can reach out to me to get more information or to schedule an email or in person session or group sessions. I do group sessions as well. So I would love to see you.

Candice: Yes. And bonus, I think I told you this already but Maren does visit the Defying Gravity Revolution. So if you want to just visit with her in a setting like that, that’s available too. So all kinds of ways to connect with Maren and I’ll put all of them in the show notes and thank you Maren for being here today.

Maren: So fun to chat with you.

Candice: Yes. So fun.


Isn’t she fascinating?

I still connect to images she offered me YEARS ago that help me keep my energy flowing freely toward the life and marriage I really want to live. 

There’s truly, truly something about her work that is expansive in a difficult to describe way – kinda like when you’re finally able to move your body after being stuck in an awkward position for awhile and the blood is finally flowing back to feed your extremities.

Like I said, it’s magic.

If you want to experience Maren’s genius yourself – her contact information is in the show notes for this episode.

Access to her is also available to you as a bonus when you join the Defying Gravity Revolution. Maren comes live to our hive AND all the recordings from her past visits are available to you – on demand – once you join us and become a full-fledged Bee.

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