Episode 55.5 – Romance in Real Life

Want some more Romance in YOUR Real Life? 

LIsten in to this bonus episode for instructions on how to join us LIVE for a FREE romance-creating experience this coming Friday, April 5. 

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    • Check out the Defying Gravity Revolution – a Candice-led community of Bees committed to stop wondering if they married the wrong guy so they can enjoy the marriage they imagined when they said “I do.”
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Episode Transcript

When you master the art of creating Romance in Real Life, fun and flirtation flow freely between you and your forever guy. 

He reaches out to connect with you. You reach back. 

All becomes right with the world. 

And when it isn’t… you know that you two can solve whatever it is – together. 

You no longer feel disconnected, ignored or needy. 

When there’s a bump in the road, you no longer spend hours or weeks wondering whether you married the wrong guy because YOU NOW KNOW there are only two outcomes for the two of you: 

Either you’ll figure it out now. 

Or you’ll figure it out later. 

Because you’re here for each other. 

Now. Forever. And every day in between. 

So come master the art of creating Romance in Real Life this coming Friday, April 5 from 10a-12noon MT. 

You’ll see that it’s all about how you make your invitation for connection + what you are thinking when you make it. 

It has nothing to do with how many fights you’ve been in (even if that’s MANY), how many projects you’ve completed together (even if that’s FEW)

It has nothing to do with whether you keep a date night every week or you haven’t kept one since… who knows when. 

It has everything to do with your ability to deliver a powerful message about a love you believe in + how easy you make it for the two of you to fall into that love YOU believe in over and over again. 

Every. Day. 

And… a secret thing I teach  my clients that most people forget when working on their marriage is how to keep it light and make it fun

I promise the work you do on your marriage can be both of those things – light AND fun – especially when you know how to do what WORKS. 

You’ll get all of the tips and hacks when you join us on Friday. 

Click here to register. 

Let this be the moment that your marriage completely changes. 

Wouldn’t THAT be romantic?

Are you ready to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”?

Click below to get the FREE course: How to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”. You’re worth it and you’re welcome.

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