Episode 56 – A Sneak Peek at Romance in Real Life

Do you know what an aglet is? Or how an aglet can help your marriage feel more romantic? 

LIsten in to this week to get those answers + a bonus opportunity to catch the FULL replay of my recent workshop: Romance in Real Life (offer expires 4/12/24)

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Episode Transcript

​​‘s Up, Bees?!

Were you there on Friday?

At the Romance in Real Life workshop?

Me and the Bees spent about an hour and a half together, learning everything you need to know about how to make the work of marriage lighter and more fun.

Yes. Please.

Not only did we learn what you need to know to make the work of marriage lighter and more fun… I also shared some specific strategies of HOW EXACTLY to make the work lighter in your real life.

Here’s a snippet from that call so you can see what I mean. Enjoy!


Aglet is our newest one. Do you know what an aglet is?

An aglet is… if you have like sweatpants or like a sweatshirt or a hoodie that has like strings in it and has that hard part at the end… ummm… I think an aglet has to be metal, but maybe not. Could be that plastic piece that wraps around or the metal… that’s an aglet. It’s supposed to hold the string from disappearing inside the clothing item.

Why did we pick aglet? Just because it’s a weird word. Right?

Our kids know a song about aglets that they learned on YouTube or something… so it’s just kindof like a weird word that floats around in our house.

So we’ve picked something totally unrelated to mean a particular thing… and for my husband and I… this one is not as fun as these others…

The aglet is: “We’re in a fight. We’ve said everything that we want to say… like we’ve been kinda nice to each other… like we’ve kinda settled it… but we don’t feel better yet.

Normally, I would want to just keep talking and talking and talking and talking – cuz reacting to my emotion, I think that if we just talk it out long enough I’ll feel better.

It doesn’t work, by the way.

Because sometimes, after a fight, you just have those sore muscles… those sore emotional muscles… and so when we’ve gotten to the point where we’re like: Okay… both of us understand the other person’s side, both of us have said our peace and said something kind to each other… but we don’t really feel better…

We just say “AGLET” and move on with our day.

Because it gives us a clear break that we are both on board with.


And there you have it – a simple tip that you can use RIGHT AWAY to create more romance in your real life.

Look for common patterns flowing through your marriage and make up a funny and light secret language – that only you two share – to describe those formerly sticky situations.

Using secret vocabulary will help make sure you’re always on the same page about what’s happening. It’ll streamline solutions and – best part – make your marriage feel like a secret club… the fun kind you had when you were a kid.

I get it if that set-up sounds a little far-fetched or maybe even impossible, but I promise it isn’t.

 Cuz we are BEES and Bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.

And… here’s one more piece of GOOD NEWS.

If you want to hear the WHOLE workshop, there’s still time to catch the replay.

I’m leaving it open through Friday, April 12.

To snag it, go to www.candicetoone.com/romance-in-real-life and enter the email address where you want the replay to go.

Once you do, it’ll land in your inbox and you’ll be Good. To. Go. Happy listening!

Also, please be sure to let your sister and best friend know that these tips are available this week. Share this podcast episode or text her the link: www.candicetoone.com/romance-in-real-life.

All of us here in the Defying Gravity Revolution thank you for helping to create a world where more women stop caring what humans think is impossible.

Choose courage, Bee and keep on flying!

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