The Story of a Sagittarian Sorry

One of my guilty pleasures is reading random (pointless) lists on Facebook. Like the list of how all the signs of the Zodiac apologize. 

The above is how Sagittariuses get it done. 

It’s not wrong.

When I apologize, I do notice a tinge of “I could have delivered it better, but the news I shared – that you’re doing something wrong – I stand by all of that.”

I can see now that’s maybe not the most sincere approach. 

Husband is a Scorpio. His little graphic was completely blank. 

Meaning – Scorpios don’t apologize. 

At all. 

Also not wrong in our experience. 

I, of course, shared the list with husband. We had a good laugh and I got to thinking: Just because I’m a Sagittarius with a likely tendency… that doesn’t mean I HAVE to behave that way. I’m not bound by anything. 

And you know? We never are. 

No personality test or birth month or love language or color code or enneagram number or anything else is ever the boss of your behavior. 

You. Always. Are. 

Me. Too. 

So while it’s fun and entertaining to take the quizzes and see where you fall, it could also be important to remember that you get to decide if you are going to follow or redirect your natural tendency. 

Do I want to taint my apology with the self-righteous tack on of “accurate”? 

To be honest, sometimes I do. 

Buuuuuut, I know now that I don’t have to go there and I can see that if I don’t go there, husband and I might move through our spats a bit quicker. 

*pulls lips to the side and scratches chin*


I can be accurate or I can be connected. 

Neither choice is “right” and the choice is always mine. 

Yours too. 

What say we both make that choice on purpose AND from love? 


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