The Story of Abundance

Several times a month, I escape the home office to work from the bistro loft at our local Harmon’s grocery story. From there you get a bird’s eye view of the fresh produce, the cut to order meats and the rows upon rows of food options available around the clock.

Welcome to abundance.

But that’s not all. There’s also free ice water. Free WiFi. An easily accessible deli and bakery should I need a snack. Comfy couches and a fireplace during the winter months. Open air seating on the patio when it’s warm.

As I sit there working and looking out over the numerous options available for consumption, I take comfort in the chance to wiggle my brain out of its habitual scarcity thinking.

I’m so used to defaulting to “not enough”. Time. Money. Love. Food. Opportunities. My brain thinks it’s helpful to warn me of all the things I might not get.

So fascinating because worrying about what I’m not getting steals brain energy that could be used to create more.

Scarcity serves to keep me held down by fear. Leads me to compete with people I could be loving. Stops me from recognizing how much I already have. Blinds me to my power for generating exactly what I need.

So thank you Harmon’s. For your beautiful store. For your welcoming loft. For the literal, visual reminder that there’s so much to be had. Right here. Right now. It’s enough. And it’s more. Whenever I’m brave enough to see it.

Photo by Phuong Tran on Unsplash

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