The Story of Candice Toone

That’s me. Candice Toone.

In case you don’t know me, I’m a Master Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. I also hold a Masters degree in psychology from Utah State University.

My mission in life is to help women stop wondering if they married the wrong guy and start feeling connected again.

I’m a women’s fiction author, a connoisseur of grapefruit juice and a Jazzercise enthusiast. I live in Utah with my husband, 3 children and our dog.

And I’m holding a Tiffany’s box that ISN’T from my husband.

Now… before you go making up a Lifetime movie backstory, please know that I earned that box fair and square.

By coaching over 5,000 clients in just under two years.

By earning well over 100k in 12 months as I did so.

You could say that I know a little something about relationships.

I’ve been told that single sentences from conversations I’ve had with clients have changed the entire trajectory of their relationships with their husbands.

With themselves.

Because that’s what life coaching is. A conversation between two amazing and talented people. A stretching exercise for the brain.

It’s an absolute honor to have been trusted with the details of so many people’s innermost details.

If you don’t have a life coach yet, why not?

I’d love to be your coach – either through the video modules of Defying Gravity: The Course or in a live coaching partnership.

Or if I’m not the right one for you, I’d love to help you find the exact coach who is. I know a lot of amazing coaches and I know that you deserve one.

If you’re curious about coaching, hit reply RIGHT NOW and we’ll get you hooked up either way.

What are you waiting for?

And why?

Choose courage, now fly!

Are you ready to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”?

Click below to get the FREE course: How to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”. You’re worth it and you’re welcome.

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I’m Candice.

I believe that every wife ought to feel cherished and valued. Appreciated and adored. I know we can make that happen. Even if it seems impossible to you. I’m a Master Certified Life Coach and I spend my days coaching women who are afraid in their marriages. You and I can work together to find a way for you to trust in your own decisions instead of constantly reacting to his. Now’s your time, Bee. How much longer are you willing to wonder and wait?