The Story of Coming Up Roses

You may remember that my word of the year for 2021 is HOME.

To support myself in that effort, I hired a housekeeper. 

To give my home the love it deserves.

Took a little mind drama to get me there. 

Had all the thoughts like:

But really… I can do it myself. I probably SHOULD do it myself.

No one else should have to look at this mess… much less clean it!

I can make more time to get it all done… right?

So I told my brain, “yes, maybe” to all of that and still hired a lovely woman to come help out. 

And you know what?

She is WAY better than me at cleaning my home. 

For example – I legit thought she’d removed my shower door because it was SO clear. 


Not only that, but she also sculpted my toilet paper into little roses. 


Do you know how often I’ve sculpted my own toilet paper into little roses? 

Not once. Not ever.

I was so impressed that I sent my friend, Natalie, a photo of the toilet paper masterpiece. 

Know what she said?

“I love it when people show me I’m thinking too small. Didn’t even know that was possible.”

So. True.

Now I’m curious – do YOU love it when people show you you’re thinking too small? 

When they demonstrate that more is possible in your life and in your marriage? 

And that more really isn’t all that far away?

That’s what happens in Defying Gravity: The Group.

You get the chance to see where you are holding yourself back from the equivalent of toilet paper roses in your relationship – so that you can claim the roses you really deserve.

The last group of the year starts October 20. 

There won’t be another one until 2023.

I know you deserve some roses in your life – toilet paper or otherwise. 

You deserve all of the roses in all of the ways. 

You want those roses. 

I can tell. 

To get started, click the button at the bottom of the page and grab your checklist for becoming a Happy Wife living a Happy Life.

You deserve it.

Are you ready to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”?

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