The Story of Ferdinand

Have you seen the animated Ferdinand? With John Cena voicing the main character? It’s pretty cute overall and my kiddos LOVE the dance off between the beautiful German horses and the big, ugly, awkward bull. Good stuff.

My five year old daughter also really enjoys quoting Lupe (voiced by Kate McKinnon) when she says, in an exhausted, exaggerated goat-y voice, “Is this love? I love love.” 


And true.

I love love too.

Don’t you?

Love feels amazing. It’s warm and calm and peaceful and filling in the best possible way. It always drives me to useful action and it helps me be the best version of me.

Every time. 

Even if the other person doesn’t “deserve” it.

Which isn’t even a thing.

Love is my gift to me. Not to them. Because my love doesn’t jump out of me and on to them. I’m the one experiencing the emotion of love and I’m the one driven to useful action by it’s effects. 

Love wins. Always. 

My friend and colleague, Jayne Anderson, spoke on unconditional love at a coaching retreat we attended together last year. I was reminded of her words last night when Amy Ernest and I finished up the Confidence Co-Op group we’ve been running together since January. We wanted to close out our time with those beautiful ladies by discussing the principles and benefits of unconditional love. 

We wanted to send them in to summer with a strong reminder that love will always get them wherever they want to go. 100%. 

Read along now to learn what Amy, quoting Jayne, shared:

When you live from a place of unconditional love… 

…you aren’t bothered by other people’s behavior. 

…you don’t have to worry or be afraid about other people’s journeys. 

…you get to feel amazing. 

Such a freeing idea to apply to your friends, family and acquaintances. 

When I love unconditionally, I don’t have to be bothered when my husband leaves the leftovers out overnight instead of sticking them back in the fridge. 

When I love unconditionally, I don’t have to worry that my neighbors installed a hot tub and we… well… didn’t. 

When I love unconditionally, I get to feel open and peaceful and warm. No matter what happens. Every single day. 

I’m a fan of love. And I appreciate this concept as applied above. It’s perfect and amazing and will drive the creation of a wonderful life. So good. 

But there’s more… 

What would happen if you applied all of the above to YOU? 

Unconditional love for yourself can be tough. Might even seem selfish or stuck up or strange. But I’m telling you… and I don’t lie… starting with unconditional love for yourself will make it ONE MILLION times easier to give unconditional love to everyone around you. 

Check it out… 

When I love myself unconditionally, I don’t have to be bothered when I trip over my words and say something “stupid”.

When I love myself unconditionally, I don’t have to be afraid when I’m passed over for promotion at work.

When I love myself unconditionally, I get to feel open and peaceful and warm. I get to trust myself and believe I’ll figure it all out. No matter what happens. Every single day. 

Love is available. All of the time. Choose it as often as you can and watch your world transform. 

And if you’re not sure how to get from where you are today to choosing love on purpose, no worries. I got you. We can totally figure this out. 

I’m a relationship coach and I help women feel the love again. For their husbands. And for themselves. 

If you could use more love in your life, head over to the “Work with Me” page and I’ll take care of you.

Photo by Giovanni Calia on Unsplash

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