The Story of Freedom Anchors

Happy summer, Bees!

You living your best life, yet?

Seeing all the places and family and friends you’d thought you would so far?

It’s commonly accepted that the summer schedules have to be crazy hectic, but I’m here to tell you that’s not necessarily true.


It’s actually possible to enjoy the season from a place of freedom and peace – if you want to – and why not?

The Defying Gravity curriculum teaches about small simple hacks to help you care for yourself WHILE you’re caring for everything else.

Many Bees RAVE about this one tip.

Take a look:

*Identify Daily Theme* – What’s the most important thing today? Time with your husband? Finishing the laundry? Finalizing that report at work? Advertising the school bake sale? Pick ONE thing that you’d like to center your day on. The point is to focus your day as you get it started, not necessarily to execute the task perfectly (though you are more likely to get it done when you identify it from the get-go.)

Here’s how things changed for one of my Bees after just one week: “I just wanted to say what a difference it has made to identify the one main theme of the day-when I feel myself getting stressed and feeling like I’m running behind, I remind myself of what the most important thing is for the day and immediately I feel the tension release.”

So try it out – as a Fourth of July freedom practice from from you to you.

Choose a focus – one feeling you want, one thing to complete. Whatever it is – make sure it’s JUST ONE.

Let that one thing anchor your day.

Zoom in.

Center your focus.

And when you knock it out – allow yourself the freedom to celebrate.

You did that for you.

So go on and enjoy your day.

Enjoy your people.

Enjoy being you.

Photo by Denys Argyriou on Unsplash

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