The Story of he’s “The One”

Happy Valentine’s Week! 

Now… Be honest with me… do you love Valentine’s Day? Hate it? 

Do you stock up on candy hearts, teddy bears and lace-trimmed love notes? 

Or do you believe the whole holiday is little more than a sugar rush aimed at padding the pockets of greeting card moguls and chocolatiers? 

Here’s the truth – love it, hate it or somewhere in between – you have WAY more control over your Valentine’s Day experience than you might realize. 

If you go into it thinking “He’s the One” – your brain will find reasons to believe that’s true and romantic vibes are sure to follow. 

If you go into it thinking “Why am I even with this guy?” (which is really an undercover belief that maybe you shouldn’t be) – your brain will catalog and store all the things he isn’t doing to make the day special… and then you’re not likely to make it special either.

I’m not saying that Valentine’s Day has to be a thing for you two. 

You can totally boycott all of it if you really want to. 

AND if you want to have a fun night of making memories and sharing the romance… that’s available to you as well.  

I’m just saying that you’ve got the option to construct your day. Your way. Just like Burger King – but with less cholesterol.

Let’s practice. 

I mean – like RIGHT NOW. 

Imagine for a second that you really, truly believe your guy is THE ONE for you. 

What would you say to him? 

What might you do? 

How would you interpret the things he says? 

How would you respond to whatever he does? 

Most likely, if you REALLY believed that he’s The One for you, you’d appreciate his efforts – flawed though they may sometimes be. 

You’d be willing to fill in the things he forgets. 

You’d receive the gestures he does make as endearing and heartfelt.

You’d offer up some romantic magic of your own and then celebrate what a great team the two of you make – even if some things get missed. 

You’d want to be near him and you’d make space for the both of you to share your hopes and dreams. 

You’d tell him about your preferences, your desires and you’d work together to make it all happen – as often as possible. 

And if you didn’t do all of the above, you’d chalk it up to him having good intentions that simply went awry and you wouldn’t use any of it as a reason to believe that you might not be MFEO. 

All of that’s an option if you want it to be. 

The question is… do you? 

Go back to middle school note passing. 

Check yes or no. 

Your holiday (and marital) happiness are sure to follow.

What if it’s REALLY that simple? 

I think it is. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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