The Story of Itchy Armpits

If you know me, you know that I’m usually quite proper and discreet. I don’t talk much about my bodily functions. Don’t particularly love it when people say – glances side to side – “I have to… (whispers) pee.”

But I’m willing to cross the TMI line today to illustrate an important point that could give you a lot more power in your life. You’re welcome.

The thing is… I had itchy armpits for YEARS. I knew it was probably a sensitivity to the deodorant I was using, but I’d get freaked out about researching the natural alternatives, convince myself that what I had was just fine and go on suffering with the itchiness.

It wasn’t that bad.
Except it was.

Bugged me all the time. Sometimes made it tough to get to sleep.

So one day, I moved my hand two inches to the left of the deodorant brand I normally bought at the grocery store and grabbed a natural option instead. I’d seen the brand. Liked the scent. I was ready to kick the itchiness and pay attention to more important concerns.

Worked like a charm. No problems since.

Notice how I thought it’d be a big chore to make a decision to improve my life. Notice how I thought it’d take a long time to research and decide and figure out what was best.

Turns out it wasn’t a chore. Didn’t take long.

All I had to do was trust myself enough to move my hand two inches to the brand I’d been thinking about for a while.

Easy peesy. Two inches to the right = freedom from armpit itch.

Now I’m telling you… if you’ve got the equivalent of armpit itch happening in your marriage, just move your thumb the teeny, tiny distance from where it is to the link below.

Click “Give me the Video” and you’re on the road to an itch-free relationship.

Just. Like. That.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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