The Story of Choose Your Own Adventure

And just like that – she’s outta here. 

Jetting away from her hum drum life at home to jump feet first into the deep end of the hotel pool.

Reminds me of my clients at times.

Marriage can be tough. And it’s sometimes tempting to dive head first into something else.

I don’t necessarily mean another man. 

Sounds more like this:

“What do you expect? We’re in survival mode. Everyone knows that the first years with babies make it impossible to connect. The little ones need me.”

“There’s just so much going on right now. It’s too hard to make time for each other.”

“Things’ll be better on vacation.”

Anything seems more appealing than taking a serious look at the chasm looming between you and him.

It’s scary to reach across that divide knowing he might not reach back.

Or maybe he’s stretching his arm toward you… but you’re pretty sure it’s not for the reason you had in mind.

Home can feel hard.

It’s still where you want your heart to be, but it’s not quite the same as you pictured. It’s not as warm as it once was.

So you go on a trip. You plan girls night out. You throw yourself into your kids, your church, your job – anything to keep you distracted from him and the hurt you see reflected in each other’s eyes. 

Even in those lonely, helpless moments – there is hope.

It’s an option to listen to yourself about what you know needs to come next.

You can trust yourself to stick by you as you look at your marriage – even if it really, really sucks at first. 

You can play with the idea that you are the boss of the way your marriage feels – even if he keeps doing all of the very same things.

I know it sounds far-fetched. 

But what if it isn’t?

Are you willing to take the plunge? 

I’m ready when you are. 

All you’ve gotta do is click the button below. 

You’ll get specific strategies to gently pry open the pain and then make your marriage more of what you really want it to be.

I promise that you won’t be required to neglect your kids, ignore your hobbies or say no to having exotic adventures.

I’m only offering that maybe you’ll decide you want to take him along next time.

Could be fun. 

Are you ready to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”?

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I’m Candice.

I believe that every wife ought to feel cherished and valued. Appreciated and adored. I know we can make that happen. Even if it seems impossible to you. I’m a Master Certified Life Coach and I spend my days coaching women who are afraid in their marriages. You and I can work together to find a way for you to trust in your own decisions instead of constantly reacting to his. Now’s your time, Bee. How much longer are you willing to wonder and wait?