The Story of Meditation

You into meditation? 

I wasn’t. At all. 

Until this year.

Up til now, sitting in one spot doing nothing seemed like a colossal waste of time. 

There was laundry to do and social media posts to write and clients to see and teachers to follow up with and groceries and cleaning and… and… you get it.

But… since “HOME” is my word of the year for 2021, I decided to give meditation an actual try. 

Might be interesting to see if I can be at home in my own brain without any to-dos or toddlers to distract me.

I started with 5 mins.

What I discovered is that meditation – even for five minutes – is a huge win for someone who is used to overthinking and overplanning and believing that I already know what husband is going to think and say and do.

When I stopped my brain from keeping busy with all of that, it was just me. 

And that was weird.

Not terrible weird, but weird all the same.

I heard from a colleague that meditation is a time to “think of all the things you’d like to make out with” – not all the PEOPLE mind you, the THINGS. 

I think she means to focus in on what gets your heart going – what makes you feel alive.

You send energy and love in those directions, even for five minutes a day and then watch your brain naturally orient into creating more of those things in your life.

For me that’s more grapefruit juice, more Jazzercise, more Peloton barre, more loving the mountains, more listening to the ocean, more family vacations and more moments at home.

Sit quietly. 

Zone in on what you love. 

Create more of it – or at least get closer to creating. 

Almost like magic.

Trust me and try it. 

You already spend a ton of time focusing on what you don’t want – not your fault – brains wander in those realms when left unsupervised. 

So sit down. 

Breathe deep. 

Focus on what you’d like to make out with. 

Such a great release for your racing mind and your troubled heart.

Such clear direction for your creative, capable brain. 

Stand back up and realize – the life you want just got that much closer.

You’re welcome.

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