The Story of My Four Kids

Check it out!

My four kiddos. I love them all. I make room for each of them. All day. Every day.

What’s that you say?

There’s only three kids in the picture?

No silly, look closer. Behind the human babies.

See it?

That’s my coach certification there in that frame. I love the business that goes along with that piece for paper almost as much as I love the three cuties in front.

Some might say I shouldn’t divide my love that way.

They could be right.

I say I love my two daughters enough to be an example of what it is to love my family fiercely without denying myself my dreams.

I say I love my son enough to show him that there’s space for his future leading lady to be an amazing wife and mother while rocking it out with the talents that are uniquely hers.

I say it’s not a division of love, but an investment in our family overall. A multiplication of love because when I give love away in any direction, love always returns. And when I feel full as a person, there’s more of me to give back to them.

Everyone wins.

I’m not saying you have to build a business. I have no idea how your unique talents show up in the world. All I’m saying is that it might be useful to consider where your heart lies and make sure you’re not missing out on something – you – when there’s definitely room for all of it.

Shine bright, Bees.

In ALL the ways.

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I’m Candice.

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