The Story of No Longer Being a Person

Ah memories. The first few days as a mama are like nothing else. So many wonderful things about having a family.

I also used to believe something very painful, very disappointing and very lonely about being a mother.

I used to think that the moment you became a mother is the moment you stopped being a person.

For a variety of reasons, I’d come to the conclusion that since I had a family, I would now come last FOREVER.

I lived that way for years. Because I thought I was supposed to.

Husband still mattered. Babies mattered. And I did too… if there was time. Which I often believed there wasn’t.

What a disservice to me, to my family, to everyone.

That belief, which sounded sorta right and kinda loving, turned out to be a source of sadness and resentment for me as my family grew.

No one forced it on me. Not directly.

But I kept finding reasons to believe it, to act on it. Which left me feeling more hollow than loving. More disoriented than right.

And still, I heard the implied messages. Little hints that it was normal for mamas to be tired and unshowered. Jokes that once you become a mother you’ll never eat warm food again.

Here’s the truth, Bee. From me to you.

Hard pass on all of that.

Be a mom if you want to be. It’s amazing.

And if you make the choice to be a mama, know that doing so DOES NOT revoke your “person card”.

You are a person first. No matter what anyone else says or implies or jokes about.

Your babies are important. They mean they world.

Also, there is room for YOU. Space for everyone to be showered and fed and rested. Don’t be confused by suggestions to the contrary.

You deserve WAY better than that.

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Are you going to give yourself permission? 

I sure hope so. 

For you. 

The amazing woman with all the hats who is still – and always will be – a person first.

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I’m Candice.

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