The Story of No

The Story of No

Did you know you can say “no” to whatever you want? Whenever you want?

Ok. Be honest. Who just threw up a little? Gut check anyone?

If saying no scares you, I suggest getting curious about why. Right here. Right now.

Cuz here’s what I think happens when I say no:

🐝 my stress level decreases

🐝 resentment falls away

🐝 I’m better rested

🐝 my “yes” answers are more sincere

🐝 I honor my soul’s desires

🐝I don’t have to go to a haunted house or watch a scary movie

What happens for you?

I’m guessing you believe that people will judge you. They’ll think you’re selfish or unkind or disinterested or… or… or…

Guess what. They probably will.

But hear me when I say… they will probably still judge you even when you say yes.

People judge each other. It’s what we do. So… if you’re going to be judged either way… why not just decide what YOU want and do that?

Sometimes you’ll want to say yes. Do it. For sure. And when you wanna say no… remember that you can. You’re a grown up and you’re the only one living with you full time. Might as well be a compassionate companion, right?

Go forth. Say no if you want to and yes if you don’t. Decide on purpose. It’ll be fun.

Photo by Andy Tootell on Unsplash