The Story of Permission

My dear friend, Sarah Foutz, made me this card when we were in Grand Cayman studying to be Master Coaches.

Because I tend to ask permission for most things in my life.

Even if I don’t mean to, even if I’m trying NOT to – my tongue tacks on, “if that’s okay…” to a lot of things I say.

I’m not totally sure why I do this – but it’s probably because I’m polite. I really want to be nice.

I love that about myself in many ways.

It’s less amazing when asking permission means I’m not nice to me.

Like if I want to take a nap.

Or buy some shoes.

Or decline to help out with the elementary school bake sale.

I sometimes get confused with the idea that being nice to myself means I’m doing it wrong.

Like I’m going to get in trouble.

So I ask permission.

And break trust with myself.

This card reminds me that my instincts are intact.

My preferences are perfect.

And I’m allowed whatever I allow.

There are no rules. Except those that I make for myself.

What rules do YOU want to hold yourself to?

Make sure you’re deciding them on purpose.

You have my permission.

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