The Story of Playtime

Since 2009, I’ve been employed by a company that invites me to travel – sometimes twice a year. That’s roughly 20 travel opportunities since I took this job. At least 4 of those 20 trips have been to a Disney destination.

Many of my co-workers bring their families along on these get-aways. I never have. It’s too much work or too much luggage or too much money or… or… or… There was always a reason. And I usually ended up feeling disappointed or jealous when I watched my colleagues playing with their people.

Poor me, right?


I could have chosen differently for any of those trips and this time, I did. Yes, the objections of money, time away from home and all the hassles still cropped up. But this time, I said, “Thanks brain, but I’m doing it this way this time. Play matters and I’m gonna make it happen. We’ll figure the rest out later.”

As adults, we spend most of our connection time talking – about the past, the future, what needs to be done. Nothing wrong with that. Communication is critical to efficiency. Efficiency keeps family life running.

But think back to your fondest memories with your loved ones. The time your husband broke out his mad dance moves at a family reunion. Or your son’s face when he saw Mickey Mouse for the first time. Or the time your daughter ended up watching the family fireworks display from the upstairs window in your Mom’s sewing room. With her light blue frilly nightgown and blonde, curly pony tail – she was the spitting image of Wendy waiting on Peter Pan. Awww.

Play bonds people together. Sometimes more tightly than talk. Play evokes emotions and emotions brand the brain. You feel closer to the people you play with and those memories still make you smile – or laugh out loud – years later. Who doesn’t want some of that?

Yay DisneyWorld 2019!

But full disclosure, Disney is a rarity for us. Plus, hubs and I ended up on different flights out here and we both spent the daytime hours at work. The set-up isn’t perfect. But the memories still can be. We’re headed to DisneyWorld in about an hour and you can bet we’ll be busting a move at Mickey’s Dance Party in between riding everything we can before the park shuts down.

At Disney or at home, there are millions of opportunities to play. Try making a running tally of the times your three-year-old asks you “why?” (high score wins). Make an effort to legitimately work words like “hogwash” or “polka dot” or “bletherskate” into normal conversation. Hide love notes around the house. Make it a race to empty the garbage. Send a flirty text. Or a riddle. Sing the grocery list. I know you’ll think of something.

Come on, Bees. Dive in and play!!
Your mood and your marriage will only improve.
You’re welcome.


Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

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