The Story of Potstickers

The Story of Potstickers

Guys. My husband just brought me potstickers. Like downstairs to my office while I’m working (on a worksheet FOR YOU) and he’s watching our three littles upstairs. He pan seared them. None of this microwaved crap for me. Awesome, right?

Now, before you go getting all jealous of me for winning the husband lottery, let me tell you that he brought me potstickers BECAUSE I ASKED HIM TO. Yep. I asked him to. Didn’t hint, didn’t imply. I said the words, “Since you’re going out of town next week, I’m going to need some alone time to work tonight. When can that happen?”

Then later, as I was walking down the stairs with my laptop, I said, “It’d be really great if you could make me some potstickers.”

And so he did. Easy peesy. And by “easy peesy” I mean it was easy after practicing mind management for over a year so that I can confidently request the things I want without making it mean something terrible about me or our relationship if he doesn’t comply. What?????

It’s magic living in this space. A peaceful relationship is super fun. And potstickers are delicious.

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Photo by Yuxiang Zhang on Unsplash