The Story of Screwing Up

Just before I started the last round of Defying Gravity: The Group, I emailed my ENTIRE email list. 

No big deal, right? 

I email my list every week. 

Except, this email was meant for right around 20% of my list – only those Bees who’d opted in for info on Defying Gravity: The Course

When I realized my error, the email was already on it’s way. 

No option to pull it back. 

So… I did what I had to do: emailed EVERYONE again and confessed my flub.

I had the option to beat myself up over it. (stupid… stupid… stupid…) but why?
There’s no upside to berating myself for something that was over and done.

That’s not to say I felt amazing about it. 

I still felt shame when I imagined confused readers opening some random email.

It wasn’t my best moment as a business owner. 

I do want to be more conscientious than that. 

But this time I wasn’t. 

And I figured out how to support myself anyway.

It’s a skill you know – supporting yourself through the dumb stuff you do. 

Seems so much easier to replay the mistake in your mind – over and over – making sure you know what a screw up you are. 

Surely that’s the way to never mess up again.

Except… it really, really isn’t.

If I know I’m working for someone (me) who’s going to rake me over the coals when I make mistakes, I’m so much less likely to try new things or expand my efforts.

When I know there’s a critical eye (mine) over my shoulder, I play much smaller and thus, achieve less.

Because I know that you deserve my best in this space as your coach, I also give myself my best by purposefully deciding to be the kind of boss I’d like to work for.

I forgive my mistakes WHILE maintaining high expectations around my output. 

I understand my humanness while acknowledging all the amazing I create.

What kind of boss are you TO you? 

Are you someone you want to keep working for?

If not, consider trying that strategy.

Be the boss who helps you stay motivated to get it all done.

Without the yelling. Or the berating. 

Way. More. Fun. 

Are you ready to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”?

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