The Story of My Stint as a Hair Model

If I wasn’t a life coach, I’d be a hair model.

Really and truly.

I already know I’d be good at it. I was once stopped in a shopping mall in Chicago by a woman who wanted to take a picture of my hair.

She legit wanted her bridal hair to look like my Saturday afternoon shopping hair.

That’s how good I am at making curls.

See that pic up there? That’s my 7 year old’s hair. 

I gave that hair to her.

Not only did I create that hair for her with my super cool genetics… I also curled it like that so she could go to a fancy breakfast with her daddy for her birthday.

Cuz’ sometimes I knock it out of the park as a mom.

Really, I do.

You do too.

I know you might be tempted to downplay your amazing or make some silly comment about how lots of women do the same thing you did, yada… yada…

But stop it. ⠀

Stop. It.

Because you getting good at celebrating the contributions you make to the world is WAY more important than your modesty.

Celebrate the big things.

The small things.

The unique things.

Cheer the heck out of the “mundane” stuff you rock out on the daily.

It’s all actually quite important and impressive.

Celebrating all that you do is part of a healthy Self-Confidence Practice.

It’s an exercise in YOU supporting YOU and thanking yourself for the time and energy you put into being alive on the planet.

Thank yourself.

Acknowledge what you did awesomely.

Every day. At least one time. A specific thing.

Try it – and tell me how it felt. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Bet it’s nothing short of sublime.

Keep taking exquisite care of yourself.

You deserve it. 

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