The Story of the Baby Face

Just look at that face.

Can’t help but want to squeeze him and snuggle him and love on him always, amirite?

Even if he just threw his toys, stayed up all night and threw up for the fifth time today.

Even then – he’s super lovable.

It’s tough to stay angry when you’re looking into those big brown eyes.

And you know what?

Your husband looked like his very own version of that at one point in his life. That precious, chubby cheeked baby lives on inside him even today. All the same fears and hopes and feels and dreams that little guy had – husband has them still.

Might seem buried under stubble and scowling and swear words, but the tender feelings are there.

And it’s your opportunity – if you want it – to love him as freely now as you’d love little guy version of him from all those years ago. Could be true that those guys are one in the same. Even if one of them seems a whole lot cuter at the moment.

So in the spirit of Christmas and giving and all that, play with this idea if you want to – how might you respond to husband’s grown up tantrum if you remembered that we are all still the little kid versions of ourselves deep down inside?

It’s true for me.

True for him.

True for you.

And you can love him – with his baby face in mind – whenever you want to.

No downside I can see.

Photo by Pranav Kumar Jain on Unsplash

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