The Story of the iPhone

See that lady on her phone?

If she’s like most of us, she’s probably judging herself for how much time she spends on it.

People around her are likely judging her too. 

Calling her “disinterested” or “not present” or even “selfish”.

And here’s the thing – it’s a PHONE. 

Not a bomb. 

In many ways, it’s actually quite useful, dontcha think? 

For one thing, you’re probably reading this on your phone right now.
I’m grateful that we have the privilege of communicating in this way. 

Aren’t you?

Your phone also probably holds your photos, your to-do lists, your loved ones’ contact info, access to your bank… the list of usefulness goes on. Yet, we blast ourselves over holding the phone “too long”. 

Whatever that means. 

We judge ourselves for detaching from our families – even for a few short minutes – and call it a waste of time if we read through a countdown of the top 25 text fails from last week.

Yes… it’s true that looking at your phone means you aren’t looking at your husband.
But so what?

What if it’s true that detaching from your husband from time to time gives you greater opportunity to attach to yourself?

What if being attached to yourself means that you’ll be better able to monitor your phone time and decide on purpose what “too much” even means?

All I’m saying is that there might not be such a need to judge ourselves for tuning out sometimes. 

Your brain is busy. 

It needs a break. 

And if something “silly” on your phone gives you that release… I’m all for it.

Enjoy your funny tweets and your celebrity gossip. 

Let your brain take a breather. 

Then get right back to rocking your life as the capable and amazing wife that you are.

Let the phone just be a phone. 

Allow for a welcome reprieve from time to time. 

Because there’s always going to be someone waiting around to judge your behavior. 

Don’t let it be you.

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