The Story of the Naked Wall

Hands down. No question. THIS is my favorite work of art.

It depicts how there’s a tender toddler inside each of us that longs for connection – even when the grown up versions of us can’t seem to see eye to eye.

Such a universal truth so beautifully expressed.

I. Love. This. Piece.

Someone created it in the desert several years back during Burning Man. I tried FOR YEARS to figure out how to get a print I could hang on my office wall.

I asked other people if they knew how I could get that done because I wanted to receive this print as a gift from someone who loved me: Boyfriend (now husband). Mom. Dad. Brother. Didn’t really matter. I just wanted someone who loved me to make it happen.

Would have been perfect.

So, I dropped hints. I got my hopes up. And my wall stayed naked. Year after year.

This year I decided I was done with all that. I took to my computer and figured out how to get EXACTLY what I wanted.

It’s hanging on my office wall right now.

And you know what I realized? I wanted to receive this gift from someone who loves me AND I DID.

The someone who loves me in this case is: ME.

I got exactly what I wanted because I took it upon myself to make it happen. Didn’t make it mean the those other people didn’t love me. Just learned that I know how to love me best.


What if that’s true for you, too? What if YOU are the one who knows how to love you best? What if you don’t have to wait for anything to come from anyone else because YOU KNOW exactly what you need?

Here’s the truth: you teach others how to care for you by the way you care for yourself.

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You deserve it all.

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