The Story of the Slippery Slide

The Story of the Slippery Slide

Babies know what’s up, Bees.

This little love tripped and fell on the sidewalk while we were on a walk (in our pjs) yesterday.

She was sad, but not badly hurt.

She came over to me for comfort, but apparently, I didn’t respond quickly enough or in the exact way she wanted.

Anyone know what that’s like? To seek a very specific, perfectly timed show of love and not get it exactly the way you were expecting? (Ahem, me.)

Thought she might throw a fit-she’s a toddler after all-but she didn’t.

She kissed each of her own palms and one of her knees.

Then she nodded, said “o-tay” and started back on the path toward the park.

Babies are so wise.

She knew what she needed. Knew she could get it. Got it. And moved on with her day.

She didn’t make it mean that I didn’t love her or that she wasn’t worth my time.

She just showed up for herself and moved ahead to the slippery slides.

What would happen if you took a page from my baby’s book this week?

Ask for what you want from the people you love. Then if it doesn’t come to you how you expected, see how you can get it (or something close) for yourself and don’t make it mean anything bad about you, about him or about your relationship.

Then get on with enjoying the slippery slide. I’ll bet that’s more fun than wallowing and wondering what’s gone wrong in your relationship.

Wanna try it? I will if you will.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash