The Story of the Smarty Pants Son

Have you played Animal Crossing with your kids on the Nintendo Switch yet? If not, get that game immediately. So fun. 

Kiddos gots-ta earn money and pay off mortgages and build things and plan ahead for what they want… all the useful life skills. Plus they buy me presents. 

As they should. 

Kids and Husband set up the switch accounts while I was coaching one day, so I didn’t choose my avatar. 

Hubs chose me a blonde, pig-tailed anime looking gal. #ofcourse

Not what I would’ve picked, but what evs. 

Cutie son picked up on how I didn’t really love her and offered to change it for me. Without even thinking, I said, “Oh. Nah. It’s fine. Daddy likes that one, so we can just leave it.” 

He turned, took a step and turned back. 

Said, “Mom, it yours. It doesn’t matter what daddy likes. It matters what YOU like.” 

Darn right. 

So wild to notice when I accept stuff I don’t really want and just “make it work”. I don’t want to make a big deal, but the truth is a lot of “little deals” pushed down = a big deal rumbling around inside. 

That’s the road to resentment, Bees and I don’t wanna be on it a second longer. 

My avatar. My choice. My space in the world. 

Yours too. Take it up. You’ve got my 8 year old on your side. 

(He’s gonna make a great husband someday, right? You’re welcome future daughter-in-law.) 

Now’s your chance to get on your own side too.

Could be fun. For you AND your marriage. 

Worth a shot. Be sure to let me know how that goes. 

Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

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