The Story of the Snowman

The Story of the Snowman

 A week or so ago, my kiddos came in from playing outside and presented me with a seeming emergency.

“Mom. We can’t find any eyes for our snowman.”

So I set to rummaging about in the kitchen, thinking through our fruit and snack inventory – surely there’d be some prunes or Oreos or nuts I could offer.

But my son stopped me and said, “No. Come see!”

When we got outside, he proudly pointed and said, “We couldn’t find eyes, so we used Dad’s sunglasses instead!”

Sometimes in life, you think you know what you need. And you think you know exactly how that need is supposed to show up in your world. But what if your needs could be met in a variety of ways-some of them unexpected, but way more cool?

Try looking outside the pantry this week. Maybe then you’ll see some amazing solutions that you couldn’t see when you were so focused on the “right” way for life to happen.


Photo by Michal B. on Unsplash
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