The Story of the Spiral Staircase

Hey! Check it out – it’s a rare, amazing look at the inside of my brain. Yours too.

Okay… I know it’s actually a spiral staircase, but hang with me. The analogy’s a good one.

Imagine my client dropping her shoulders and hanging her head in session when we come face to face with a familiar thought pattern.

“I can’t believe I’m still working on this!” she’ll say. “I really thought I’d be over it by now.”

Here’s the thing: brains will ALWAYS be working on things. It’s the brain’s entire job to solve things and be efficient.
That means your brain will hang on to thoughts she’s very practiced in and offer them up to you when you’re feeling stressed or uncertain: “Hey! We know how to use this one!” your brain will say, “Wanna see if it’ll fit here?”

No need to freak out. It’s just your brain doing what brains do.

And if you allow yourself to look closely, you’ll see that you’re likely thinking an upleveled version of that same old thought – cuz’ your brain is on a staircase, remember?

The surrounding scenery might be similar, but your vantage point is certainly different. You’ve got more awareness this time around. You’re more able to laugh at and love on yourself on this floor than you were on the floor before.

And you keep climbing – knowing that you don’t have to shoulder the burdens of self-doubt or disappointment just because you’re seeing like something you’ve seen before.

That’s what’s available, Bee. Love yourself and keep watching with curiosity as your world (and your brain) climbs up and goes round.

It’s supposed to. It always will. You can get motion sickness or enjoy the ride.

Whatcha gonna do?

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

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