The Story of the Splattered Wall

When I went to coach training in Dallas, Texas in the Fall of 2018, there was a place card at my seat with this quote on the back:

“Everything you do in your life is a choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it.”

 – Brooke Castillo –

I was like… “Well… except for all those choices that are taken away from me because of the choices my husband made first.”


That quote then stared me in the face for six straight days.

I had plenty of time to consider this hard pill to swallow.

Now… over 3 years and 2000 clients later… I LOVE that quote.


Because it puts me in charge of all of it. 

I choose everything I experience (or don’t) every day.

My husband can be mad and I don’t have to be.

My kids can be disappointed and I don’t have to fix it.

I can decide which clients to work with at what price for which hours.

I can want what I want and go after it even if someone else disagrees with me. 

I decide to be tired or energized. 

I decide to be generous or critical. 

I decide to follow love or fear.

It’s all me. All day.

Like how I decided to laugh on Christmas morning last year when my son rolled his brand new hoverboard over his little sister’s bath paint and thus redecorated the wall across the room.

Coulda been mad that he “ruined” her stocking stuffer.

Coulda been stressed about the mess. 

But why?

I had more fun taking a photo and showing my baby how to make bubbles on the living room wall.

“Everything you do in your life is a choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it.” 

It’s true for you too, you know.

You don’t have to like it at first. 

I sure didn’t.

And “everything you do in your life is [still] a choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it.”

Your life. Your choice. All day. Every day.

Sounds like a gift to me.

Whatcha goin’ do with it? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I’ve outlined the tasks. Made the plan. Thought through the details. Drew up the checklist. All you’ve gotta do is show up and follow along.

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