The Story of the Treasure Map

My six year old creates fort blueprint on the regular. He’ll have it all mapped out, then crumple it up and “hide” it on the floor because other people will think it’s trash and walk on by. Smart dude.

His most recent feat of architectural genius? Balance his sister’s mattress between the corner of his bed and the doorknob. Boom. Epic roof. There were several other features included, but the mattress is where I got stuck.


Well, physics mostly. But also because as you age, you are less likely to believe – full-heartedly believe – that you can do something you’ve never done before.

What might your life be like if you looked at your dream and believed-fully believed-you could make it happen? What if you didn’t get stuck on the physics of it? The “how” part of making it happen? What if you just believed you would make it happen and then set your mind to work exploring all kinds of different ways to get it done? What if you didn’t stop when your first strategy (balancing a mattress on a doorknob) didn’t work? What if you kept believing and just tried another way? And another? And another still? Never doubting that you’d get there and having fun as you figured out how?

Know what you’d end up with?

An epic roof on a sweet, sweet fort. Happy building, bees. You’ve got this.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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