The Story of the Wound

Look at that poor puppy.

My dog, Icarus, wore that same cone of shame a while back.

Icarus is sorta old. And he’s got a crazy growth on his foot. He doesn’t know what it is and he thinks the best option is to gnaw on it until it’s gone.

It’s not working by the way. The only thing the gnawing is doing is making a grisly, bloody mess on my light carpet.

But he doesn’t know better.

He’s just a dog. Doing his best.

You’re like him in many ways. And so am I. We don’t always know how to fix what’s hurting. We’re just humans. Doing our best.

It’s likely that, given time and a giant tarp, Icarus could chew that thing off his paw. He’s got teeth and he’s determined. He’d make it happen.

But it’d probably be bloody and painful. It’d take awhile and there would be scars.

A vet could get that thing cared for quickly, in a sterile environment with minimal pain. (That’s the route we chose btw.)

It’s also likely that, given time and a bunch of ice cream, you can solve your own hurts. You’ve got the drive and a journal and yoga and sheer force of will. You’d make it happen.

But it’d probably be bloody and painful. It’d take awhile and there would be scars.

A life coach sees things you can’t see when you’re in it. Working with one could get your stuff cared for quickly, in a supportive environment with minimal pain. Promise.

If you’ve ever been curious about life coaching, drop me an animal emoji below and we’ll set a time to chat. No obligation, just exploration. I guarantee that you’ll walk away with at least one thing that’ll change the way you view yourself and your world. Looking forward to meeting you.

Photo by Ivan Rojas Urrea on Unsplash

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I’ve outlined the tasks. Made the plan. Thought through the details. Drew up the checklist. All you’ve gotta do is show up and follow along.

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