The Story of True Romance

A less than 5 second moment in Frozen II will forever live in my mind as the most romantic scene in all of cinema.

I am not exaggerating.

Anna’s got a guy she can count on.


But better?

Kristoff is a guy HE can count on.

That’s. Everything.

In the film, Kristoff’s story line mainly consists of failed proposal attempts. He feels a lot of doubt, with a touch of hope. Does she love him? Are they still meant to be? Are the misty walls of the enchanted forest going to push them apart?

He worries. He’s sad. He’s in love. He sings an early 90s-esque ballad with a choir of reindeer.

Anna’s completely oblivious to all of that as she’s fighting to save her homeland and her sister.

Then, when Anna really needs him, Kristoff is there. He simply shows up and says, “I’m here. What do you need?”

There’s no storyline interruption when he questions her, demands an explanation or breaks down in sobs so that she has to comfort him on top of everything else she’s got going on Instead, he manages his feelings and trusts them to be an “us” – now and forever.

He takes the initiative to talk to himself before he talks to her.

He chooses on purpose to believe that they are a solid team with a bright future.

He trusts what they have. And he trusts himself to manage his fears and hold himself through them.

Kristoff showed up when Anna needed him.

He chooses to believe their love is solid – even in unfamiliar territory.

Because of his faith in them, they are able to bust down the dam, save Arendelle and then: get on with getting engaged – just exactly like he wanted.

I wanna be more like Kristoff.

Talk to myself.

Sing through the feelings.

Support myself in my pain.

Then trust my relationship and go on to conquer the world together.

Who’s with me?

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