The Story of Trying to Buy Stuff

I’ve always wanted to try essential oils. Seems like they smell lovely. Lots of my friends use them. Diffusers and roller balls look like fun. Plus, I’m up to try anything that keeps my kiddos from getting sick. 

But here’s the catch… 

I know nothing about essential oils. Like N-O-T-H-I-N-G. And it seems like a lot of overwhelming work to do the research to figure them out. Kinda like you’ve gotta be in a special club and if you don’t know the initial handshake… then forget it. 

Same with Norwex cleaning supplies. I’ve had two bags of Norwex product sitting in my laundry room for over two years. All because I’m not totally sure how to use what I bought. It wasn’t cheap. I don’t want to ruin it. So it sits in my laundry room. Unruined, yes… but also unused.  

I’m wondering if coaching might be like that for you. 

You’re reading these emails. Maybe you’ve even watched a free class or two. But you’re not really sure how to get started with accessing even more support and it seems like a lot of work to research what you really want to know. 

Good news. 

It’s not hard at all. Next to no work involved upfront.

The only thing you need to do is click the button at the bottom of this message to watch a short video, answer a few easy questions and set up a time where you and I can hop onto a call and chat. 

You just show up. Sit there. Discuss the state of your marriage and let me take care of you. 

From there, we’ll decide if group coaching is a good fit. 

If it is, I’ll walk you through EXACTLY what to do to get the most out of the experience. 

If it isn’t, we’ll do a virtual high five and you can go back to keeping up with all things Beehive right here – just like you’ve been doing so far. 

Either way, I can promise that you’ll leave the call with a shift in perspective that will change the course of your relationship from that point forward. 

Either way, I can also promise you that you won’t be left holding a bag of expensive washcloths that you are too afraid to use.

You deserve better than that and I’m committed to making sure you get it. 

I’m ready. 

Are you? 

Click below – right now – to snag that chat before your husband needs you to locate something in plain sight. #amirite?

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Are you ready to have the marriage you imagined when you said “I do”?

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I’m Candice.

I believe that every wife ought to feel cherished and valued. Appreciated and adored. I know we can make that happen. Even if it seems impossible to you. I’m a Master Certified Life Coach and I spend my days coaching women who are afraid in their marriages. You and I can work together to find a way for you to trust in your own decisions instead of constantly reacting to his. Now’s your time, Bee. How much longer are you willing to wonder and wait?