The Story of Turning on a Dime

The Story of Turning on a Dime

Life is so weird, Bees. Amazing. Wonderful. But weird.

I used to carry this story around in my mind, believing that change is hard and takes a long time and probably won’t even happen.

In some cases, I’ve been right about that.

But there are so many instances when I’ve been dead wrong.

One minute you’re not married and the next minute you are.

On Thurs you’re a family of two and by Fri, there’s three of you now.

You work somewhere for over a decade and then, you just don’t anymore. And now your salary is double what it was, bringing a cascade of change you previously doubted was possible.

You live in one place now, but next week you could be settled somewhere totally new.

Some people quit smoking the very minute they get a cancer diagnosis and others can go completely gluten-free without ever looking back.

It’s amazing to think of all the ways you can reinvent yourself. Of all the ways to redesign your life.

Whenever you want.

Last year at this time, I was a life coaching skeptic. I was an avid listener of Jody Moore’s, but I mostly listened so I could say, “Yeah, right.”

I didn’t believe change like she described was possible.

It was almost comforting to know I was “right” about being stuck where I was.

Now, just one year later, I know that anything can happen when I get out of my own way.

I’ve certified as a life coach, quit the job I’d had for 10 years, launched my own biz and secured a dream job with The Life Coach School.

I’ve also significantly reduced the fighting with my husband, I’m less reactive to the events in my life and I’m getting so much more done.

And you know what’s been the biggest change?

My brain.

I know I’m in charge of it now. And I exercise that power a LOT more often than I used to. That’s where the magic happens.

Imagine what could be different for you one year from now. Maybe your life could go from painful to purposeful. But why stop there?

What if your life could exceed all of your daydreams?

I know that it can.

Anything can change.

And quickly.

If you’re willing to let it.

Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash