The Story of You Loving You

The Story of You Loving You

Bees. I spend my days coaching women on their relationships. It’s the best job in the world.

Mostly because I get to help them see something that is so, so fun to know.

When I meet with a client, we work hard to help her see that she is perfectly lovable exactly the way she is, right now, in this moment.

Even if her pants are a little snug.

Even if she yelled at her teenager about curfew.

Even if she didn’t bake brownies for the bake sale like she promised she would.

There is no “even if…” that can make her unworthy of love.

The same is true for you.

The trouble is, most of us are so willing to let go of that truth. To cut ourselves down and discount our accomplishments. To hide our amazing and play up our awkward. We think it’s noble somehow, desirable even, to step down from our impressiveness and point to our flaws.

It’s an option to stop doing that, Bees. And I suggest that you do.

There’s always going to be someone who can’t see your worth.

Don’t let it be you.

See your wrinkles, your pile of laundry, your harsh words toward your husband and try this on:

“I love me anyway.”

“Sometimes I lose my temper and that’s okay.”

It may seem like accepting your flaws will prevent you from healing them, but the opposite is true.

When you feel love from you, you’re more willing to work on refining yourself because you know you’ll be kind to yourself no matter what happens. When you’re critical of you, it’s way less likely that you’ll try something hard. .
It’s not worth the risk of you having to hang out with mean you.

So be kind, Bees.

To you.

And everyone else.

But mostly you.

Because when you’re kind to you, your best self shows up and shines through.

And she’s pretty great.

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash