The Story of Your Husband’s Birthday

Just for fun… let’s pretend it’s your husband’s birthday. 


Right now.

Some might say that means you have to do something extra super special for him. 

Something you’re only willing to do once a year because you’re “supposed” to on this, the day of his birth.

Maybe you have to make a complicated dinner.

Or proclaim his amazingness on all the social medias.

Or let him laze about all day.

Maybe you’re supposed to do a sexy strip tease…

Or watch a show you’d rather not see.

Or any number of other things – the brain can run wild with all kinds of expectations you could place on yourself in the name of celebration and proving your love.

But here’s what’s true:

The best gift you can give your husband on his birthday is the gift you’re 100% willing to give from a place of genuine love.

Anything less is a disservice to you both.

Because if your gift comes with a side of resistance or the aftertaste of resentment… well… that’s not really fair, is it?

It’s his day.

Could be true that he deserves to enjoy it without worrying about the grudge you’re going to hold.

Without hearing about what a sacrifice it is for you to do something a bit more special than the average Tuesday.

Also, YOU deserve better than to force yourself into doing something you’d rather not do. 

So if you end up making a fancy dinner or slipping into something a bit more comfortable after the kiddos are in bed (wink, wink) – make sure you’re doing it because you are all in on whatever you’re offering.

A big part of your gift will be that it came from your whole heart.

No strings attached.

Cuz’ that’s what love – for both of you – would do.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

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