The Story of your Kiddos’ Dad

The Story of your Kiddos’ Dad

Father-child relationships come is all shapes and sizes. With varying levels of complicated. And a wide range of emotion.

And what I want to say is that there’s room for all of it.


And I know the greatest gift I can give my three children and their daddy is space. Space to get to know each other. Space to figure out how their unique relationship is going to work and change over time. Space to try things out and miss the mark and get it right and everything in between.

I want my kids to have the chance to see their dad with their own eyes, without my bias coloring their view – unless I’m biasing them to see the amazing that he brings to our family.

They don’t need to hear me tear their dad down. It doesn’t help anyone if I expect them to be mad at their dad just because I am.

And I know they might hear his words or understand his behavior differently than I do. So I strive to let them have their own interpretation of him. And I guide them toward interpreting him generously as often as I can.

Cuz he’s pretty great overall.

Even when he leaves his dishes lying about or loses his temper or forgets an important event.

He’s their dad. For better or worse.

Just like I’m their mom. For better or worse.

He’s doing his best. Every time.

And that’s good enough for me. ❤️

Photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash